Pictures October '13-February '14

Us doing some street contacting as well as hanging up our flyers for our english class!! Super fun!!! 
Us on our exchange in my old area last week. Got to see ABI !!!! 
Another picture from the exchange and then Sister Halversen being a scientist!!! ha ha hillarious!!!! 
See sister Halversen's little eye ball in the back of me and Sister Ochsenbein?!! Creepy right?!!! 
Sister Halversen got to my camera and took funny photos! She has no idea that these are going to be shown to everyone I know ha ha!!! :) I love her!!! She is the cutest!!! :) 
The most pathetic tree I have ever seen while street contacting and then me being......ME!!!! 


A street in Sarasota, best street ever!

Found this awesome building!! 

This is the roasted pig and us on Christmas Eve at the house of the Perez Family with the YSA Sisters. It was some pretty delicious pig!! :)


Sunset and pics with Pres and Sis Cusick

Can't believe we were on the beach!!!! GORGEOUS!!! :) 

more sunset and beach! BEST SAND IN THE WORLD!!!

more pics

more pics

all the missionaries on the beach! But Pres cusick split it in half so this was half the missions missionaries. 

Hermana Halversen and I made a gingerbread house last p-day cause we had to make it feel more like christmas!! ha ha soooo much fun and pretty much the cutest gingerbread house Ive ever seen and made!!! :) 

Me saying goodbye to some of my favorite people in Bradenton. Super sad!!

Saying goodbye to Magali and her family.....again! 

Saying goodbye to the Reynoso Family. They are some amazing recent converts. 

saying goodbye otra vez

The Santos family and the Calvillo family


Our district picture before transfers and a pic of us and some sisters in our zone. 

The ice cream shop we found!

Tropicana trains and eating delicious tres leches with delicous Horchata!!!

Olive Garden: 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! :) 

Thanksgiving Day, it was super chilly here and I got to wear tights! Super fun!!

Hermana Carson, my trainer, came back and visited. It was so good to see her. I love her so much probably more then she knows!!!

more thanksgiving!

Us in Sarasota by the statue I was talking about. 

-Hermana Rodriguez and I at the salon after our hair cuts. 
-Hermana Halversen's mom sent her a christmas tree. And it was a blessing because I was getting sad cause it didn't feel like christmas and then that day that tree came and we decorated it that night. It was so fun. 
-We had a branch thanksgiving feast. In the picture is me and my comps and then 2 recent converts who are just stars. Super fun!!!

Me and my cute comps!!! We found a building in Sarasota that said Awesome!! :) 

This picture is of a sign we found on the street and we thought it was hillarious that someone named their dog Shakira and that it was missing. SUPER FUNNY!!!! Or maybe you just had to be there to think it was funny ha ha missionaries think everything is funny ha ha 

Pics of my new comps and I

Hermana Binks and I on our last p-day together last week!! Also me and one of our investigators Amelia!!

Hermana Binks and I and then when Abi was taking us up to tampa we took pics!! And then the other is of me and a sunset by Magali's house. Super gorgeous!!

Hna Binks and I saying bye to members!!

saying bye to members (family)

Saying bye to members and Hna Binks and I being sad about not being comps anymore.

Dia de hispanidad. There is a pic of me and hna binks with magali's kids. Then there is one of us two with magali. She is in pink. And then hna binks and I with Aby one of our favorite members ha ha!!

This is me and one of the best members. Her name is Hermana Montanez. She loves missionaries and this church so much. She is amazing. She is like family to me as well. 

This is me and some of the members. Arisbeth is in the blue and then there is Hermana Gonzalez who I just love, She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is the one with the curly hair us standing up. And then cute hna binks and I!

more pics at the dia de hispanidad!!

This is Jazmine and Nora they are the best member missionaries.

Pics: Hermana Binks and my leg after our dog attack. Mine is the left hers is the right. And then me and my comp one bikes and lookin cute in helmets and skirts!!

Florida sunsets never get old!!

Us and our cute bikes!! In the one with me really close I lost balance and biked towards hermana binks and she caught a pic of it. 

We went out with one of the best members her name is Sarai but everyone calls her abi. She is the coolest and we put our bikes in her car soooo great!!! Love her!!

Hermana Binks at the doctor and the young women at our yard sale!! SOO GREAT!!!

Our legs!! Mine is left and Hna Binks is right!

These pics: We went to the Ringling museum last pday and it was amazing!!! And then us at conference!!!


halloween already, museum!!

cock roach killing. conference and harry potter glasses!!

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