Pictures March '13-September '13

 These pictures are my tan lines thus far. I have a watch tan line, a line from my ctr ring on my pointer finger and my feet are the worst. I wear toms biking everyday and so its a really funny tan line!!

The picture that is attached to the email of us and a hispanic family. That is Magali's family. She is the one in the left corner with glasses. She is awesome!! But don't worry that I look like a giant compared to everyone else. I definitely do not blend in!!! 

These other pictures are of cute hermana Binks and I doing the mission stuff!!

Then there is another that is me walking on someones back. Her name is Nora and she is the best member on the face of the planet!!!! LOVE HER!! had to do some service for her ha ha!!


here is a picture of the board at the baptism one of the Elders drew it...Beautiful!!
More pics, one of Hermana Hafen, Adilene(a cute little girl in our branch who loves the missionaries and teaches me spanish), and me!!

Here are a few pics of the last days with hermana Hafen.


This is Hermana Montanez and Hermana Binks and I. I love them!!!



Little Elder Davies got transferred! I wonder who is next!!
 One of hermana Binks and I in the rain and then hermana binks and I again!!

Me lookin all attractive in my biking gear oh yeah baby!!! and another attractive pic!!!

Me doin' my studies!!! 
Us drinking our own homemade chocolate banana smoothie thing!! Yummy!!! And me and my hermana binks chilling during lunch!!! We don't get to much of that time to just chill ha ha.

My companions and I out in what we call the "sacred grove" ha ha its beautiful.  

Pics of Me and T'niya

We went to an area that was total artsie and took pics and then we passed this house that was totally tented because of drugs. See the poison!! 

Sorry there are lots! Then I don't remember if any of you remember but we taught pamela at the beginning of my mission. Well we saw her yesterday and took some pics. Love that girl!!!

More pics of these cute kids!!

More pics!!!

MOre pics of the cute black kids!!! 

Me and my oh so attractive fun companions!!!

Here are some pics of the field and the baseball game. And some missionaries singing on the field.

SO FUN!!! How many missionaries get to say they got to go to a baseball game ahhh mee!! And be able to stay out till 11?Me!! Yes so fun!!!
Us at the baseball game

Yup these are my companions!!! And this is me excited to go tract, ha ha!!! Oh and remember the Lizard tail that I was talking to you about last week well here is picture!!! 

Went from the back seat to the drivers seat!!! I missed driving its so wonderful!!!! ha ha :) 

fun times!!

Missionary life on a bike!!!! 

These pics are of some amazing sunsets and then My cute Hermana Hafen and Carson!! The day before she left!! 

Pretty sky and water and then 10 minutes later rain storm clouds and then a giant rainstorm!! Welcome to florida sister daines ha ha ha!!!

Saying Goodbye to one and saying hello to the other!!

The day hermana Carson left us!! Some members came up and said goodbye and then said hi to Elder Casey who used to be in our zone. It was great!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!! :) and please take a look at Elder Bucks expertly pointed toes... its really impressive actually.

The baptism we had sunday!!! Their names are Samari and JJ. They are amazing!!!!

Us missionaries!!! And one with our Branch president!!

more of us missionaries after the baptism! And with our branch president!!!

more pics!!


these pics are from when we had tres leches on the side of the road. It was DELICIOUS!!! 


About to knock on a door!! ha ha!!! Then tres leches pic! Then a pic of our whole district. We had sticky notes on our head and we were each a character in the Book of mormon and we had to guess who we were it was tons of fun!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!



At the specialized training wednesday!!!

My rainbow!!!!

There is a pic of my district before they got transferred. A pic of my comp hermana hafen trying to kiss the turtle. There is one of me putting up a flyer because we are going to be teaching a free english class at the church!!! Its gonna be soooo awesome!!!!

We found a cute little turtle at our apartment!!! It was the best surprise ever!!!! So much fun!!!! The one of everyone that is our zone before people were transferred. We are M M the mormon missionaries!!! And then the other pics are of hermana lewis and I, my MTC comp and then hermana Hafen and I my current comp. !!!!

The other pic in the other email was hermana hafen and I having an applesauce night cause we had no ice cream. Hermana Carson was in another area doing an exchange. And these two are of one hermana Carson in the neon shirt that is always how she lays on her bed unless she is sleeping. It is the funniest thing. And then the other pic is of our welcome home for our missionary mom and trainer hermana Carson!!! LOVE HER!!!! 

BEAUTIFUL RIGHT?!!! This gorgeous place is in a very ghetto neighborhood super super funny!!!

Hermana Hafen and I about to knock on a door and share the gospel!!

5-13-13 Pics
This is when we were saying goodbye to Elizabeth cause she is moving back to Mexico. She loved coming out and teaching with us. It was such a blast!!

This is me and my companions having fun while emailing our families on P-day!! Ha ha great great fun!!!! Love them!!!

5-6-13 Pics
The duck pic is for you Aaron. It was in front of a Subaru dealership and you were the first person I though of when I saw it. You and all your ducks. The pic of the food is from the Calvillo Family which is the daughter of The Sidillo family who owned the restaurant we have there food every saturday and sunday. It was soooo delicious. Pure mexican food and so amazing. Homemade tortillas and what we are eating in the pic is tacos and they are the best tacos I have ever had. mmmmm!!!!! The one that says the Chruch of the Cross or something. It is supposed to say the church of the cross but they totally spelled it wrong on the sign. We saw it and reversed on the road to take a pic. It was so great!! ha ha Loved it!!

Us at the Browns at their dock. Us on our cute bikes with our cute helmets! Man aren't we cute... ha ha We saw seriously a random chicken crossing the street, that was hillarious!!

Us in the rain still doin the Lord's work!! And the Mormon Movers!!! AWESOME!!!!

Our whole zone!! chicken crossing the road and us on our bikes!!

4-29-13 Pics

Me opening my birthday gifts from the best family in the world!! Thank you so much!!!


4-22-13 Pics

4-11-13 Pics

It was one of the Elders birthday and we made him a rice krispie treat cake with candles made of q-tips colored with sharpie to look like candles. It was the best!! this is how sisters throw birthdays. The elders were gone all day at the consolet and this is what we did. What would they do without the sisters? ha ha amazing! And then the pic of the temple is a new view of the provo temple that we found.

Amelia and I found each other again and we had to take a picture! She is so awesome!! Im glad we met her Jay she's great! And the other 2 pics are from wednesday. I got to host missionaries. It was the funnest best day of my life. I had such a blast. The first one was Sister Ito from japan. She spoke like no english. I asked her how she liked the mtc so far cuz she arrived monday and she said yea detroit airport. But she is super cute!! She is going back to japan for her mission. The second one was from China and went to BYU-hawaii so she was a lot better with english and going to Salt Lake temple square mission . And she was the cutest girl. The third and fourth I did together. The third was Sister Rigby from Washington going to Denmark and she always had a smile on her face. And the other Sister Havea is from Tonga going to New Zealand Samoan speaking. Isn't that awesome!! They thought so much of me. I felt like the coolest person in the world cause I was on my last week and they were on their first hour. It was such an awesome day!!!!

This was our last day with one of our Teachers, Hermano Ellett. He is so awesome! He taught me how to tie a tie with one hand cause he only has one arm. I feel so cool now!! I not only know how to tie a tie with two hands but now with one. How cool right?!! 

More pics of my teacher hermano ellett and my district!! Sooooo awesome!!! They are the best!!!

4-4-13 Pics

These are a few pics of when we got to get out of the MTC I had to go to the dentist to get my mouth guard fitted. It was the most fun I have had in such a long time!! It felt so good to be in the real world!!! 

3-28-13 Pics
This pic is of a few elders from our zone. The one on the far right is Elder Garcia our district leader. He was a cheerleader. ha ha just like you jay!!
The one with the elder in the air. Is elder Garcia on our temple walk! Silly elder! He is awesome!
The one of us in front of the temple is a pic of some of us with the sisters that were leaving this week. They are some awesome awesome sisters!
The one of the sisters in the classroom. Man they are a hoot. They took Hermana Platt's camera and took pictures everywhere. This is of them sitting in our desks. There are tons of pics on her camera now. Super funny!!

3-21-13 Pics

3-14-13 Pics

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