Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Good Week!!!

Hola Everyone!!
It was a good week this past week. We had Un Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Magali and Isabel. We taught them about prayer and it was amazing. We made cute 3x5 cards to remember how to say our prayers. It was really cute. The spirit was definitely present and it was fun too. At the end we asked her if they prayed to know if the things we had been teaching them were true or not. And Magali said, well the other night I was up and I could not sleep for some reason. So I decided to read my book of mormon and then I said my prayers after I was done reading and then I went to sleep just fine. In my head I was screaming ahhhhhh that is your answer!!!! But the member with us said. Magali that is an answer from God that these things are true. It was AMAZING!!!! We were so excited. They came to church again on Sunday and they said they would every week. They are such amazing people I am just honored to be teaching them and I really feel their love for us as well. We see them again tonight and we will be teaching a big commandment. The law of chastity with them. And we are praying we can do it effectively because Magali isn't married she just lives with her boyfriend. One thing in the hispanic culture is they say esposo/esposa which means husband/wife even when they aren't married. When they have lived together a while they say that. So we never know who is actually married. And the word novio/novia is boyfriend/girlfriend and so we usually mush it together and call them novesposos. But we are teaching them tonight and hopefully it goes well and we are going to set a baptismal date for September 8 cause we have to get a boda (wedding) in before that. It is going to be fantastic!! I am stoked for them!!! I love seeing people just accept the gospel and do everything they can to live it. 
      Something we have also been doing all week long is tracting. Let me just say tracting is soooo hard. We get rejection after rejection and its soooo ineffective. But we do it because we don't have investigators right now and the members aren't giving us referrals. Hopefully we can get them on board soon. But until then we tract. So one day we were walking and we passed this group of black kids. They were so cute. Anyway we walk passed them and then this girl goes Hey whats your name, what are you doing? And we turn around and we say we are missionaries and we are trying to find people to teach about Jesus. Whats your name. She responds with my name is T'niya, teach me about Jesus. She is this 10 year old full of sass. Then the others come over. An 8 year old named Tequila, Leotus who is 10. And then Gelia who is 10. They are all related in some form. Brothers and sisters and cousins. They are absolutely hillarious. And they all pick their favorite one of us. T'niya picks me first before anyone begins. We took pics and it was soo much fun. We had to go and told them that we would return the next day. So we saw them yesterday. They are the cutest sassiest kids ever. But they wanted to learn. So we taught them about prayer and told them they needed to pray everyday, they agreed. After the 3 girls T'niya, Tequila, and Gelia go around the corner and then come out and give us each a cute note they wrote to us and some candy. T'niya gave me hers and it said "Best Sister Forever, in don't forget I love you in you are cute. Love T'niya. I love you" It was the cutest thing and totally made my day. Then they went around the corner again and came out with a stuffed teddy bear for each of us. It was adorable. And I know for a fact when we were walking passed them on the street that they recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ. We each have a light and people recognize us whether its a group of kids or adults. They recognize us and want what we have. I know this is the true gospel on the earth today and I am so grateful for this privilege to be out here and teach others who do not know where to find this light we have. In a district meeting once we were talking about the tree of life. How as members we are on the rod holding tight. How there are dark places. I always thought that the dark places were the people who chose to leave. But that is not always the case. There are people who have no idea where to find the light. We as missionaries and members must leave the light, leave the rod to go and find those who are lost, to find those who are searching for the light and we are to bring them to the rod. We must do all we can to lead others to the light. Be examples of the believers. Show them the way because they do not know how and maybe once they did know how but we must show them again. We must not let one sheep be lost. Invite everyone to come and follow Christ. I love this so much and even though its not perfect out here, and it gets really hard at times especially this language I know why I am out here and what my purpose is To Bring Souls To Christ. And that is worth everything!!! I love this gospel and am grateful for all of you!!! Keep Pressing Forward with Faith. I love you all so much!!!
All My Love, Hermana Daines

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