Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hola Everyone!!

Here is Sister Daines' first email!

Hey Everyone!!!
Week One complete!!! It has been such an awesome but hard experience so far. When I first got here to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) it was super intense and scary. There was such an energy here it was exploding. It was way cool. I got my cute little name tag and then went to my district and met my companions. Yes companions that was plural. We are in a trio. Sister Platt and Sister Lewis are my companions. They are such awesome missionaries. And guess what we haven't had any problems yet its totally cool. Cause I was really worried at first because three girls together are never good.  Ha ha. Well we got into out spanish class immediately, it was so overwhelming. Our teacher was speaking so much spanish it was crazy. I was thinking how am I ever going to do this. But we were all in the same boat. The first day felt like I was here forever. I can even explain to you how long it was. The first 4ish days were like that. And then you get to Sunday and it is so awesome. You go and do a temple walk we have sacrament meeting in spanish so its definitely interesting. We all have to prepare talks in spanish for every sunday and then they will randomly choose two missionaries to speak when sacrement meeting starts. Its pretty cool but really hard to prepare a talk in spanish. Sundays are just chill days. Its way nice. And then you hit sunday and after that it just flies by like I cannot believe it is Thursday already. This week has been so full. You are busy every minute of the day. You are on such a spiritual high all the time. I get to my bed at night and I am just totally knocked out. It isn't hard for me to wake up in the mornings I am always the first one up and I turn on the lights for everyone else in our room to wake them up. And no Jay I do not talk in the mornings still but neither do either of my companions so were good ha ha.
We have had the chance to teach an investigator. We started teaching in spanish on Friday. So 2 days after we got here. This one is just a fake one but it is extremely hard because I have all this stuff to say but I can't say anything I want because I don't know it in spanish. It is quite frustrating. I have learned though that if you worry about the language the whole time it goes awful and the spirit isn't there ever. My companions and I have experienced this. We went in there pretty much with a script and lines of what to say and how to say stuff and it was boring and it was just miserable. And we get a little better each time we teach. Like yesterday when we taught we didn't go in there with anything except our spanish scriptures and a notebook with a few key words on it and it was so awesome. The spirit totally just guided all of us on what to say. It was absolutely incredible and funny thing is, is I don't remember anything I said ha ha thats how it usually goes when the spirit guides me though.
We went to the temple this morning and we get to go every thursday morning, which is P-day. And it was undescribeable. I totally needed it. It was like a rejuvenation. I feel like I can do anything now and have so much energy. And we walked outside and its totally gorgeous. I am totally loving it here except I do not like the food. I am actually starving all the time because meals are way spread out and then meal time comes and I eat it just because I am so hungry and I know I know I was spoiled at home but man this cafeteria food is not good so I have cereal a lot. Ha ha that still tastes the same.
It is such an incredible experience out here in the MTC. We started doing choir which is totally awesome and I actually think we might be singing for General Conference which is sweet!! So look for me if they say its the MTC choir. Ha ha We also get to have a General Authority speak  to us on easter sunday and we are all trying to guess who it is and of course everyone wants it to be the Prophet. We also have devotionals every sunday and tuesday evenings. And they are sooooo good. The spirit is so strong everywhere you go that I just want to cry all the time, ha ha it is so insane to be able to feel like this constantly. I love it so much. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve the Lord and to bring this true gospel to the people who are prepared to hear and accept it. I am so grateful to my family and friends and their support. I love you all so much and couldn't do this without you. I love this gospel and have zero doubts that it is true. I am so excited to get the chance to go to Florida and bring the gospel to those I promised I would in the life before. I wish you all the best and love you!!
All My Love, Hermana Daines (Risa)
P.S. If you guys need my address to write me, which you totally should cause everyone gets so much mail and I have a giant family and I have only received one letter (sad face) it is on my facebook I do not have it memorized yet but if you need it ask my brother aaron (whose email is above or look on facebook.)
P.S.S. Misty, Jay, Dad, Aaron, or Sheristan I left my coat with my ring in it from jay in the pocket and the coat was left in Tana's car. Plus I left my lime green converse in my car in the trunk so if you could send me those things that would be greatly appreciated. And I need a water bottle. Preferrably my blue subaru one. The one I brought is cracked and leaks so I need you to send me one pretty please. Plus packages are so awesome to get. I now know how it feels not to get mail or packages and I am so sorry to all the missionaries who I never wrote or sent packages to. Please forgive me.  Love you!!!!!

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