Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sorry this was from Thursday, but had some technical issues.

How exciting it is to be able to email you. I don't even know where to begin. This last week has been well wow!!! It is truely incredible here in the MTC. I now understand Capri and how awful her spelling and grammar was. Ha ha  mine is so awful I can't spell anything right anymore or put words in the right places because I keep trying to do it in spanish. But I guess that is a good thing right? So on friday or saturday of this past week one of those days I was getting so frustrated with spanish. I felt that everyone could pray in spanish without using their books so easily and I wasn't. I know you shouldn't compare yourself with other missionaries but its really hard not to. Well I was getting so frustrated because I was just not understanding how prays in spanish were supposed to go. I finally just broke down in class. My district leader is awesome though, Elder Garcia, he came over to me and a couple other elders, Elder Rawle and Elder Cox, and were just trying to comfort me and say you are doing fine like its only your second week here. And they tried to teach me how they pray and use the proper words and everything. I was still just crying and so frustrated. Well I had to go teach my investigator in about two minutes so I was really freaking out cause it was my turn to pray and I didn't know how. So again the elders were trying to help me really quick. Well after I let my tears out and understood that some of the elders and sisters were in the same place I was, I started to feel better. Well it was time to teach our investigator and I had to say the opening prayer. I have no idea what happened but I prayed without my book. I don't know what I said and I don't know how it happened, well I guess I do, The Spirit of course. It was truely incredible. That night as I was praying I realized that I expected my spanish to just come immediately, I expected it because I was told in my setting apart that spanish would be like second nature to you and you and will be able to learn it quickly. Well I expected it to be so immediate. And of course that is not how its going to work.Every investigator we taught I was way too worried about the spanish plus one of my companions, Hermana Lewis is really good with her spanish and when she gets nervous she just ends up talking the whole time which is kinda frustrating but we are working on it. The next morning all 5 of us sisters had cute little notes from elder rawle and elder garcia they were filled with encouraging words and its just what each of us needed. Anyway so since I got here I have been praying for patience and it just didn't seem like I had been very patient in anything and then after my breakdown I realized this was my opportunity to learn patience. And since I realized that I have been more patient and have understood more spanish then ever. It is truely so awesome and incredible. The other day we were teaching an investigator her name is Maria, she has had a really hard life and is just in such a depression. I have never seen someone so sad and looked like they were hurting so much. We went in there and we couldn't bring any notes with us at all. We had our spanish scriptures and thats it. I felt more confident then any other time we have taught. Well we knocked on the door and it was the first time we had met her she answered saw that we were missionaries and she said I'm not interested. Well my companions were like totally in shock and so I said well can we just share a little message with you really quick. And she said sure but I don't have a lot of time. So we went in and we got to know her and talked with her and told her that God is there and that he wants us to be happy. He doesn't want us to hurt he loves us and wants the best for us. And she opened up and we had silences which were good because that was when the spirit was strongest. I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my life. It was truely eye opening to me. It was totally awesome! There are just no words to describe it. So really awesome with the spanish now wel better then the first part of the week.
Let me just say that honestly days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. It is crazy that I have only been here a little over 2 weeks but its also crazy that it is already p-day again. It is just insane to me.
Ok so we had this devotional this past week and I don't even remember her name but she was the wife of the speaker and she told this story that just gave me goosebumps. Ok so there was this woman named Karen. Her and her husband got called to be ma and pa's on trek. Well a few meetings went by and the bishop found out that Karen was not a member of the church. She went to church every week and all the activities and everything. Her husband was a member though. Well the bishop didn't know what to do. So he just decided to drop by her house and ask why she wasn't a member. So he knocked on the door and her husband answered and the bishop asks can I ask karen why she isn't a member? And he says go for it. Well she just had somethings that she just didn't understand and she wanted to feel ready enough and know enough and she didn't feel she did. Well the bishop and his wife go over for the next month and just teach her all they can. Trek starts to get close and they wonder if Karen is ever going to get baptized. So time goes by and she is still learning all she can. Trek comes around and she was still a ma. She ended up getting baptized in the Sweet Water on the journey. I thought it was the coolest things. How incredible is that. Awesome!!!!
I will bare my testimony to you in spanish well as much as I can anyway: Yo se que el evangelio es verdadero y la profeta Joseph Smith es verdadero. Yo se que si se arrepentimos pdemos ser limpio otra vez. Yo se que las familias es eternas. Yo amo el evangelio.
 I am so grateful for this gospel and what it brings into my life. I cannot wait to get out to Tampa and bring my brothers and sisters that I promised in Heaven unto Christ. I love you all for all your support. Thank you for the words of encouragement and the light you bring into my life. Thank you so much!! I love you all and I wish the best for you this next week. Have an awesome week!
All my Love, Hermana Daines

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