Monday, April 29, 2013

Week Dos!!!

Hola Everyone!!!

Wow what a week!! I don't even know where to begin. It has been such an incredible week. So much has happened. It all started on Wednesday. It was District meeting and we had a surprise guest that was there when we got there. Our mission President, President Summerhays and his wife. It was a way big surprise. We went in and had such an incredible amazing district meeting. He talked about obedience and how power comes through being exactly obedient. He just said some pretty powerful stuff, exactly what me and my companions needed to hear. Afterwards we as a companionship said that we needed to work harder on being more obedient with being on time and music and stuff. So we had lunch and then President Summerhays wanted to talk to us. He talked to us again about being exactly obedient, we will be so much more happier and we will have so much more power and miracles will happen if we are. And he challenged us to re-evaluate everything. He was saying all this because in the Mission they are now having what is called a Sister Training Leader. This is the first that Sisters get a duty I guess you could say like the Elders have District leader and zone leader. Well now there are going to be Sister Training Leaders. Isn't that exciting? We are making history again!! I am so excited. We have an all day training tomorrow about whats going to happen, yay!!! Super animada!!! :) 

OH guess what else we did this past week? We saved a baby kitten. We were driving to this less actives house cause she was feeding us and we turned on her street and there is the tiniest kitten I've ever seen, nobody else saw it but I did and told my companions. Well went to Monika's (the less active) and told her about the kitten. And if it were to take a couple steps in would be a flat pancake in the road and it was getting dark. So we got some cat food and Hermana Hatton and I went to go save it. We were hoping so badly that it was still there. We got there and it took us a little bit but we found him. He was tiny like the size of my hand and he was starving we got him and took him back to Monika's house and they kept him. Cutest kitty! 

Oh my goodness the food here is freaken amazing!! Oh my goodness. I had a homemade empenada. Man it was delicious. I had some amazing papaya from one of our investigators. The Sedillo Family in the ward feed us every sunday and they used to own a restaurant. We had enchiladas last night and they were to die for. They have homemade tortillas and mmmm sooo good. Misty Mom you would love it here. The food is AMAZING!!!

So we have been teaching the lady named Mary. She is very faithful and just loves reading the bible. Last time we were over she decided she wanted us to teach her grand kids. We went over on Saturday. And there were 8 of them. Four of them were over the age of 8. So they are our new investigators. I am so excited. They are just soaking everything we tell them in. There is a 13 year old and he is harder to get. So we are teaching them again on saturday and we will probably split up so we can teach him on a different level. But Mary is funny she was saying to one of the littlest ones why she wasn't listening. And she said they aren't here for me they are here for you. Little does she know we were there for her as well. I just thought it was funny. Hopefully we can get them progressing and have some baptisms. They are such sweet kids and just are so smart. 

Well I had my first baptism on Saturday. It was gorgeous!! It was on the beach while the sun was setting. It was wonderful. So beautiful!!! Pamela finally got baptized. It was the best. I was crying cause it was the best thing in the whole world. It is incredible to watch someone you have been teaching finally enter the waters of baptism. It was really stressful at first but I knew that that is what the Adversary wanted so I would not give into it. I stayed positive and tried to keep everyone else positive. It was really great. She had to get rebaptized 3 times cause everything didn't go under the water. And the third time they still weren't sure so we went back to the church and did it in the font and she had to do it twice there. It was beautiful though. I am so lucky to be here in Florida. Bradenton is so pretty. 

It is such a blessing and such a great opportunity to be here on a mission. The people here are so wonderful. I love being a missionary it is the best decision I have ever made. Sometimes actually quite often I get frustrated with the spanish. But the Lord does give us little miracles and tender mercies. For example, we had this referral from a member and we went to teach her. I was feel discouraged because I could never understand the people therefore couldn't contribute to the lesson. Well we went to this lady's house. Amelia is her name. We walked in the house and immediately felt the spirit so so strong. It was incredible. We taught kind of the background on the Book of Mormon and read part of 3 nephi 11 with her where Christ is here in the Americas. She is so receptive and so into it. Well it went really well and we got another appointment with her. Well when we were walking to our car I realized I understood everything that was said. While it was happening I didn't notice but afterwards it was like oh my gosh you understood everything. It was such a blessing because before I was feeling so discouraged. I know for a fact that the spirit gave me understanding. It was truly a miracle and I am so grateful for it. 

Funny story: We went back over to Amelia's to teach her and she didn't answer her door and we had walked a ways from our car and we didn't want to walk around so we decided to try to hop this small fence instead cause it would be way closer to our car. But of course we are in skirts. Well I go first. It took me a while but I got over with no rips or tears I was proud of my self. Well right when I got over Amelia, our investigator, comes out and sees  what we are doing. She doesn't really understand what is happening. So Hermana Hatton goes and explains and she just laughs with us. So then I have to hop the fence again to get back over. OH my goodness, I was embarrassed next time I am so not going first ha ha or at all ha ha. Good times. 

Well that was about it. I have bonded so much with my companions and we have come so much more close and unified. I am so grateful for you Misty and Jay and your great example of teaching me communication and expressing myself. You have to be able to express yourself especially if something is bothering you and I am so glad you taught me and gave me the skills to do so. And thank you also for being blunt because thats all I want from everyone else I just want them to tell me whats up straight up honest and blunt. And I am so grateful for that. Thank you so much for being such great examples and the best parents in the world. I love you so much!!

Thank you everyone for you support and love. You are all so incredible. I am very blessed. I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!!!

All my Love, Hermana Daines

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