Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 3!!

Hola Everyone!!! 

Well what a week!! It was a tough week but it had good parts too. Last monday for p-day we went to a members house to write letters and fish and stuff. This house is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Ill send a pic of me in their back yard. The backyard is like a jungle with a dock that goes all the way to the water. It is beautiful.. we had so much fun there. Out by the water was like a patio set and an umbrella it was perfect. We wrote letters and the Elders fished. Of course we didn't catch anything but it was really fun. Tuesday we had a Sisters Conference for extra training because they are calling Sister Training Leaders now. Which is so exciting. And that was just a blast. It was for every sister in the mission so I got to see my old district from the MTC it was just the best. It was like a family reunion. Wednesday we had a district meeting and of course it was great as usual. But there is an elderly missionary couple and it was their last week so we had a party for them. Tons of food and sweets. So much fun though. Thursday was an interesting day. We moved Fatima (Fachima) she is from Brazil. She was moving into an apartment so we got the Elders and us and we called ourselves the Mormon Movers and it was so much fun. We are such professionals. ha ha Well we were headed to her new apartment to help unload and we are in the far left lane, there are 3 lanes total, and this lady turning onto the Street from Walmart on the right side of the road decides not to even look for cars pretty much and she heads straight towards the far left lane where we were at. It was like slow motion happening and this lady was old, I found out later she was almost 80 yrs., anyway Hermana Hatton tries to speed up to avoid her hitting us right at the passenger door where I am at and by doing that she really saved us cause then she just ended up hitting the end of the car right at the wheel well. It was sooo scary because it felt like slow motion and we could do nothing to help it because there was a median on our left side and her coming at our right. It was ridiculous. But the lucky thing is nobody was hurt it wasn't as bad as it could have been and God protects his missionaries for sure. This lady didn't even want to have to deal with insurance she just wanted us to take care of it ourselves which we can't do because its the Churches car. Anyway we finally switched insurance and when she was walking away she said oh it was a no fault accident so it shouldn't be that bad, and right when she said that I was thinking are you kidding me did you forget the part when you crashed into us. It was ridiculous really! She worked it out with Elder Keyes who deals with the car issues and what not but man that lady is a piece of work. I tried so hard to think kind thoughts... still am obviously. Afterwards I talked with her on the phone to get more info from her and she was sweet sweet lady so I think it was just in the moment. Which is understandable. ha ha what an adventure. 
       So Saturday I learned the hard way that we need to use our time wisely. We went to our neighbor for him to look at our bikes and adjust them and stuff and we went spent so long there I just wanted to go but man he is a talker. We had an appt. at 1:30 and I look and its 1:20 and I tell my companions that and we are trying to leave but we just couldn't he just kept talking and then they would talk. It was so frustrating. Well we finally leave and go get our car to go to this appt. and its like 1:50. Our investigator calls and says that its not gonna work. And so she cancelled with us and one after another that day we had cancellation after cancellation. It was the worst. By the end of the day it felt like we hadn't accomplished much. Then I had this impression that we needed to go visit one of our investigators Amelia. So we go to her and it was nothing huge or special that happened we just shared a quick scripture and set up a return appt. We went home after that I just realized I don't know why the Lord sent us there that night but something is going to happen from it. I don't know if I will ever know what comes of that lesson. But I realized that we need to be using our time wisely because really this isn't our time this is the Lord's time. We are on the Lords errand. Because we didn't start the day with using it wisely he wasn't going to give us the opportunity to teach we needed to go through that to be able to understand time better. I know for a fact that all 3 of us learned that. But the Lord also didn't leave us with nothing he sent us to Amelia's for some reason. Maybe to give us a sign that He is there or something I don't know. But I now have a testimony of using our time wisely while we are out here. It was truely incredible. 
        So I have felt so fat all week I am pretty sure just by being here in Florida I have gained 10 lbs. We have had so much food and in the spanish culture whatever they give you no matter how much or how gross, which its never been gross, you have to eat it all. Its out of respect. And man I learned that the hard way. We went to a members house and they plate was stacked with food and I so could not eat it all I was literally about to puke. So I said I was done and she was offended and through it in the trash all upset. It was the saddest. I felt so bad and now I know I have to eat it even if I am about to puke. But the food is heavenly here. The Sidillo Family is amazing and feed us every Sunday and they treat us amazing. Home made tortillas and rice and beans and they used to own a restaurant so they know whats up. I am not lying about my weight either. I have literally gained 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Its awful. I went to try jeans on today at platos closet to get a pair of capri's and can't even fit in a 4 anymore. So depressing.... oh well at least we are going to be on bikes soon. Yea Have I told you guys that yet? We are getting english sisters next transfer and will be on car share so we will switch off using the car. So now I get to use my bike. We actually rode to church yesterday just to see how it would be and man I am sure grateful for our car right now more then ever. It kicked my butt!! So I guess I'll be able to lose the pounds I have gained. ha ha yay!! ha ha this should be tons of fun!! Well thats about it! I hope you all have an amazing week this week and use your time wisely I've learned. Be respectful of the Lord. Either you will humble yourself or you will be humbled. And its so true. Well I love you all so much and hope you have amazing week!! You guys are the best!!!

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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