Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hola Everyone!!!!

 Hey Everyone!!!

Its been a very great week. Full of miracles, learning experiences, fun, and maybe even some karma!! 

First off, the miracle!!! We got a call Tuesday from a member, Hermana Rosas, saying that Magali and Isabel wanted a blessing (our most progressing investigators). So we meet the Elders over there that night. They are both going through some hard family problems right now and needed comfort. I'm glad they knew who they could turn to. Anyway Elder James and Elder Watkins gave them each a blessing. And it was extremely powerful and the spirit was muy muy fuerte!!! In one of their blessing it said that this was the plan God had for them. It was amazing. And both of them were just crying. It was some powerful powerful stuff. Then the next day we went over to teach them Lesson 3 The gospel of Jesus Christ. We were on an exchange so Hermana Birch was with us. And Hermana Hafen went to Sarasota. It was so fun. Anyway we have never had investigators that progressed this far so I had never taught this lesson. So it was completely going by the spirit. We taught them and it was the best lesson I have ever had my entire mission. The spirit was surrounding the room. Isabel got emotional and Magali loved how we explained that faith is a principle of action. We had planned to set a specific date for baptism but the spirit totally restrained us from doing that. Which was totally fine. But it was an incredible lesson. There are no words to describe it. These two have been so prepared its amazing to see their growth and their faith. I love these two so much. It just makes me want to be that much more of a missionary.

Ok the karma part...... well the Spanish Elders have not had any investigators for a while. They had been tracting everyday all day and they were super down in the dumps. And we just kept telling them it will get better you just have to be positive, be positive, be positive. Well after our super awesome Wednesday night with magali from that day everything decided to go down hill. The investigators that we did have were dropping us and it was just bad. Friday and Saturday we had to tract all day long and it was the worst thing ever. Rejection after Rejection. It was so so discouraging. We were so down in the dumps. While the Elders told us that they just found 4 new investigators and they are golden. So we were super depressed. We had no idea what to do or where to go. We spent one of those days walking all day. Which honestly was the worst idea ever, but we had no option because we were running out of miles on our car. So we decided it would be a great idea to walk to where we needed to go. Worst ever!! Ha ha we found zero people that day and we had to walk through some super sketch areas. We walked 15 miles that day and I wanted to cry after that one. It was the hardest thing but it did make me appreciate my bike so much more ha ha. Anyway we decided we as a companionship needed to do a mighty companionship prayer. So we came to our sanctuary, the church, and wrote everything down we wanted to prayer for and then I said the prayer. Let me just say prayer is so powerful. Afterwards we felt so much peace and like we could do anything. We were so pumped and we knew the Lord would bless us in the coming week. And he did just that!! Yesterday we met this lady, through tracting, she is amazing. We had asked her neighbor if he knew anyone who spoke spanish and he gave us her name and directed us to her house. He name was Diane. She is from Puerto Rico. We knocked on her door and we asked for her. She came to the door and we told her we were missionaries and asked if we could say a prayer with her family to bring more peace and blessing into her home. She told us that she has been praying for help from God and then we showed up. It was amazing. She recognized that we were the answer from God. It was just beautiful. We said a prayer with her family and we meet with her again on Tuesday. Its going to be amazing!!! I am so excited for her!!! YAY!!! So moral of the story don't boast too much or the Lord will humble you and you will have to tract all day long for 3 days straight. ha ha But it was in the end a great learning experience for us. And we received our miracle after the trial of our faith. So if any of you are going through hard times just keep pushing through, your reward/blessing is right around the corner. Just keep going and the Lord will bless you. I promise you!! Never ever give up!! 

Something super random but was super exciting for me was that I got the ok to drive!! YAY!!!!! finally after 5 months of not driving. It feels so good to drive again!!! :) 

Well I love you all so much!! You are all such incredible people. Thank you for the love, support, and prayers. The Lord will bless you always!!! Keep Pressing Forward and don't forget to do it with a smile!! I love you all!!!! <3

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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