Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Fun Week!!


This week was great!!! It was another fun bike week!!! Man we had such a blast in 95 degree weather with that much humidity as well. Ha ha its soooo much fun!! Its probably the reason people let us into their homes, because they feel so bad for us biking in this heat. ha ha I love it! <3 One day this week, I think it was Friday we biked 30 miles just that day. My legs are going to be so strong by the end of my mission it will be amazing!! My goal is to hit a 50 mile day. OH YEA!! I really do love biking though. You just have so much energy and you just go constantly and the day goes by so quickly. It is also a million times easier to talk to EVERYONE. We met one really good new investigator this week. Her name is Stephanie. She is 19 and is so searching for the truth. We introduced the Book of Mormon and it went so well. Unfortunately we weren't able to see her again after that but we are praying for this week. She is amazing!!! 

Update on Amelia. She is doing amazing! For a while she wasn't keeping her commitments and wasn't reading or praying but then this last week she kept her commitment. And she said she will pray to know if what we are teaching her is true. I am so excited for her. She is also going to our Branch picnic on Saturday with some members. We are so thrilled for her and its just amazing to see the changes in each investigator we have. 

We have been meeting with 2 ladies named Magali and Isabel. Isabel is Magali's mother in law. They are amazing. And they are family of some members. They both committed to be baptized when they knew these things were true. AHHH!!! YAY!!! They also came to church Sunday and they both were just beaming. Isabel answered questions in Sunday School and said the closing prayer. It was so awesome!! This makes me so happy and really helps me know that what I am doing is right and that this is where I am supposed to be. 

Oh super funny..... I learned while I have been here in Florida that lizard tails come off. I NEVER knew that. So for months I have been trying to catch one so I could have its tail. ha ha ha. Well Everyone I finally got my lagartija (lizard) tail!!!!!!!! Its quite the funny story actually!! We were riding our bikes and lizards are everywhere they pop out on the sidewalk while we are riding all the time. Well Hermana Hafen was riding and usually they move out of the way in time but this one did not. She ran him over. She told me that and she said you better stop and go grab its tail cause you have been wanting one forever. So I stopped and went and with my foot I grabbed its tail off and grabbed a mcdonalds cup that was near by and put it in it. Best ever!!!! Don't even worry I have my lizard tail in a baggie, and taped in my journal. Ha ha I know I know I'm crazy but I'm sure proud of it!!! :D 

Well I think that is all for this week. Thank you all so much!! You are all so amazing. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I know without a doubt that this is the true church of God. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and with the help of God translated the Book of Mormon. I know we have a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, who leads and guides this church.  I know without a doubt that this is all true. I love this gospel and I have seen how it changes lives. It brings families closer together and gives us the knowledge that we can live with our families forever. I love my family and am so grateful for them and all they do. I love being a missionary, its the best decision I have ever made. You should try to be one this week as well. Keep smiling and pressing forward with faith!!! The Lord has your back. I love you!!

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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