Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Week!!

Hola Todos!!
Well where do I begin.... it has been an amazing week this week!!! We have been having way more lessons then last week. I think it partly has to do with having the car this week and being able to look presentable and not dripping with sweat. Ha ha it sure makes us feel better and more confident about teaching. But we'll be on bikes this coming week, I'm just praying that its not 102 degrees like it was this past week. We are praying that it starts cooling down. Anyway we had some awesome things this week. We received a member referral and went and contacted her with our member. Our member is Nora. She is like 23 and is an amazing member missionary. Every member should be like her. Anyway we went over to her family friends house and taught Ana who is 18. We taught lesson 1 about the restoration and it went really well. We will be teaching her whole family tonight. Members being present at lessons is so so key. They bring such a comfort and a strong spirit to our lessons its amazing. We are really excited about this family. The mom's name is Lupe and she has 5 daughters. We really think that they will progress. We are way stoked!! :)
       Then one day this week we received a call from our District leader, Elder Buck. He told us that we are not allowed to tract anymore or in other words, we couldn't knock on doors anymore. CRAZY!!! We were in complete shock and we were actually a little scared because all we do is tract. Every once in a while we will receive a member referral but not super often. Well we went about going and seeing every member in our area as possible. It was really hard. It would be easier and take longer if we had a ward but nope a branch so it took one day to visit our members. Probably not even a full day. So we were stumped at what to do. But we just kept going and looked through our past investigators to ask them for referrals. It was really really hard. Well yesterday in our meeting with our Branch President, we told him we were no longer allowed to tract. And he said that he was going to announce it in sacrament meeting so that the members knew that we had to rely completely on them. So he did and we prayed it would make a difference. So after church we were talking with the other Sisters in our branch, who were not at the meeting with president that morning, and started talking about how we can't tract. They then told us that Elder Buck misunderstood the zone leaders. They just wanted us to tract less and by the end of the next 4 1/2 months they didn't want tracting at all. Ha ha soooo funny right because President just announced to the whole Branch that we couldn't tract anymore. Well maybe it was supposed to happen that way in order for our members to step it up. We are hoping and praying that this works. So pretty funny stuff. 
      We had a great day yesterday though. In sacrament meeting we had an amazing speaker. Brother Sua, who I believe is from the stake presidency, anyway... He went on a mission to somewhere spanish speaking so he spoke in spanish and it was the coolest thing I understood his entire talk and it was a super powerful talk about how to change our hearts. It was super cool especially since the whole no tracting/knocking on doors thing was announced. It worked perfectly and was just incredible. And we had 3 investigators at church. Ones we weren't even expecting came. One of our english class students came, and then an investigator that doesn't normally come and is progressing very very slowly, almost not at all came and then of course our wonderful Magali who comes every week. She is amazing. It was just the perfect day for us. Every class I understood except for a few things in relief society. Anyway it was a great great week. I learned a lot about patience and perseverance. And the couple days that we did have no tracting really gave me a different perspective. It was a great great learning experience and still isn't over. But I am grateful for it. Those of you who are members please give the missionaries people to teach. They can't do this work without you. It is the members responsibility to give the missionaries people to teach and its the missionaries responsibility to teach them. Please fulfill your duties. This work is hastening and needs the help of all of you. Go and give your light of the gospel to a friend. They don't have it because they know not where to find it. Go show them. And if you don't know what to do or where to go to be a missionary, pray for a missionary moment this week. I know God will answer your prayer and give you an opportunity. He loves you and He loves all His children. I love this gospel and am so grateful to be out here. I love being a missionary. I am so grateful for each and every one of you who support me and pray for me. I love you all so much!!! Have a fantastic week full of smiles and happiness.
All My Love, Hermana Daines

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