Monday, September 16, 2013


Dear Everyone!!!! 

    This week has been quite interesting, Full of ups and downs and in betweens. The up for this whole week was definitely this past Tuesday. Oh my gosh it was incredible!! Remember Antonio that I talked about last week, the referral we received, the single dad of 4 kids? Well we saw him tuesday night at a members home for Family Home Evening. We had dinner with them, which was incredible real mexican food. And then afterwards we taught Lesson 1:The restoration. And the spirit was extremely strong and powerful. We got to the 1st vision of Joseph Smith and woooohhhh the spirit was heavy. After that he responded with I know that happened, I believe it. BAH!! YAY!! Then I asked him when he knew that everything we were teaching was true if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God. He said no....BUT he still wants to learn. He feels he is changing a lot right now and needs to go slow. We are ok with that. We'll get him progressing and get him ready. Him and his family are just amazing!! for the down of the week but is funny looking back on it but certainly not while it happened. I wanted to cry while it happened. It was Friday....the 13th!!! BAD DAY!!!! We went to a members house, Hermana Montanez, she is amazing we love her tons. She is like my mission grandma. Anyway we visit with her and have dinner and stuff then we grab our bikes to go in the elevator. We get in the elevator, everything is fine and dandy until we get to the bottom floor and the door doesn't open. We are trying to push buttons to get it to open we ever tried to force it open and it would not open. Picture this: 3 missionaries with 3 bikes in a tiny elevator that won't let us out of it, outside elevator with no air conditioning, and me having claustophobia.... not good.... so my comps push the call button and talk to some lady and the lady says someone will be there as soon as they can. Well it is sooooo hot in there and there is lack of oxygen. We are feeling dizzy so we sit down. Someone comes and knocks on the elevator and says hey we need to use the elevator and Hermana Binks politely says, Sorry its stuck. And then whispers to herself sorry yea we are just having a party in here come back in a few minutes. Ha ha so funny. Then we decide to call Hermana Montanez because it has been like 20 minutes since we pushed the call button and no had come so we tell her we are stuck and she doesn't believe us for a while and then she comes down and she is from puerto rico and they are just loud people and hears that we really are stuck and well she decides to call 911 and talks to someone then someone else calls cause no one comes and Hermana Montanez is freaking out in her spanish/few words of english. And I am trying so hard not to have a panic attack in there, and my comps are taking pictures ha ha. WOW!! Well firefighters finally come and get it open in 2 seconds and I just burst out of there and Hermana Montanez just hugs me and starts crying and I start crying and she says I am sorry I am sorry in english and then in spanish says I didn't believe you I am sorry. It was sooo sad. She felt so bad that she didn't believe us. She just hugged each one of us a thousand times and kept saying sorry. She is the sweetest most lovable woman, I love her so much. I am very very grateful for her. Yup thats the fun story of getting trapped in an elevator for an hour. Funny now, not when it happened. ha ha but I learned I am never going in that elevator again I would rather walk my bike up 3 flights of stairs. ha ha. FUNNY STUFF!!! 

     Saturday was an amazing day! We invited our english class student, David, who is also one of our investigators to a baptism that was happening in Sarasota. He agreed to go and we met him there and it was probably the most powerful baptism I have ever been to. The spirit was pouring. I had to use every ounce not to cry. It was crazy powerful. And David absolutely loved it. He said he wants to get baptized but he doesn't know enough right now so we have to teach him that baptism is the first step and that he doesn't have to know everything before baptism. He is amazing and he cried at the baptism. And then Sunday we told him that he could have that feeling forever after he is baptized. We are going to teach him more on Tuesday and really help him overcome the whole I have to know everything before baptism dealio. 

     TRANSFERS!!!!!!! Good news is..........I'm' still staying here in Bradenton!! Ha ha I've been here since the beginning. Bad news is Hermana Hafen is leaving. It will just be Hermana Binks and I. I don't even know what its like in a normal duo companionship. I have always been in a trio even in the MTC. So this should be interesting. It should also be interesting because I still don't know spanish and Hermana Binks is still fresh in the mission. So this should be a HUGE learning experience. Full of trials and having to completely 100% rely on the Lord. I'll let you all know how it goes, ha ha. It should be GREAT!!! 

Well I love you all so much and am so grateful for this wonderful chance to be out here serving the Lord and helping others come closer to Their Savior. This work is a beautiful thing!!! Don't forget to be member missionaries!! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!!!! 

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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