Friday, January 31, 2014


From Jan 20.


Well everyone we had transfer calls on Saturday and.....Hermana Halversen and I are staying together!!!!! YAY!!!!! AND....... we are getting a new little trainee. So we are training but President is doing it a little different and is only assigning one trainer so the trainee doesn't get confused about who to listen to and what not. So technically Hermana Halversen is the "trainer" but really we are both training. So yea... I am excited but nervous and again I am in another trio. Apparently I need to learn something from being in all these trios. I'm not exactly sure what yet but I am going to figure it out. 

This week was pretty great!! :) So you all remember Victoria right? The one who we committed to live pretty much every commandment and come to church every week the one with the list? Well we were super nervous because she hadn't been answering our phone calls and wasn't calling us back. So we did a "sneak attack". And she opened the door and I have never seen her so happy ever! Usually she is always stressed when we go over but literally it was like a whole burden was lifted off her shoulders and she was just sooooo happy! She told us that her family has been having some real struggles this week but somehow she is still so happy. She has been reading the Book of mormon everyday and praying everyday and came to church again. And its been cold here in Florida, about in the 50's, and she has really wanted some coffee to warm her up but she hasn't had any coffee. She is AMAZING!!! This is working!!!! Its incredible to see the difference in people when they are living the gospel. What a testimony builder for me. If any of you are struggling or feel lost, may you strive to live better the commandments of God and LIVE THE GOSPEL, live what you know to be true!! :) I testify with all my heart that you will be happier and you will have better days. It will be like Victoria, a burden lifted from you shoulders. :) 

Sorry this is a short email we have a lot of stuff to do today. I love you all so much and am so grateful for each and every one of you and your wonderful examples!! Have an amazing week and don't forge to rely on the Lord!! :) 

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