Friday, January 31, 2014

Jan 13

From Jan 13.

Hey Everyone!! :) 

      This week has been pretty good!! It started off amazing with 3 lessons on a p-day night which doesn't usually happen. We had a lesson with an investigator who is really struggling and had a member there to help us and help her. It was really good and I could feel the love the Savior had for her and her family it was really awesome. Super incredible!! Then we had a lesson with Alejandra, the one who accepted to be baptized, and we read in the Book of Mormon with her. And she loves the Book of Mormon. She says its so beautiful and we always teach her something she needs to hear. Then after that we didn't have a set appointment and we were really worried. So we pulled over and Hermana Halversen said a prayer and just said I know that you will give us something to do Father. And then she ended the prayer and told me to drive straight. I literally thought she was crazy. Then we came up on a light and she said turn left. And then I really thought she was crazy. But right when I got into the turning lane a name popped into my head. A part member family. Her name is Fabiola and her husband is the one who isn't a member. For like 6-7 weeks were never able to get in contact with them. So we hadn't tried in a few weeks. And her name came into my head and her house was the direction I was going. It was the COOLEST thing ever. We went to her house and she was home and we were able to go in and talk with her. When ever other time we tried she was never home, calls were never answered or returned and then all of a sudden she comes to my mind after a prayer. I have such a testimony of the Lord guiding us in our lives but we first have to have the faith that He will answer us. Super super awesome experience!! 
     Then later in the week we visited Vanessa, the one where her whole family are members in Peru. Yea we taught her and she is sooo awesome. Its like she is already a member. And her daughter is incredible, the 12 yr old. She is amazing!! 
      Now for one of my favorite parts of the whole week!!! We had a lesson with an eternigator. She has been being taught for almost 11 years. Her husband is a member but Her, Victoria, and her 3 kids are not. So Hermana Halversen and I decided that we needed to do something that past missionaries haven't done because obviously whatever has been being done isn't working. So we were going to go in there and just be super bold. We were going to teach the plan of salvation and tell her she is holding her family back. Well we ate dinner with them and then Hermana Halversen had forgotten her scriptures in the car. So we went and grabbed them and both felt we shouldn't teach what we were going to teach. And we went back in there still not knowing what we were going to teach. Well we started and Victoria just spilled everything out. She told us she has been meeting with lots of different churches and she feels the spirit with all of them but she is super super confused on what to do. She says she hasn't received her answer but obviously its because she has so many churches coming over that she doesn't know what the answer is for. So we were bold and told her that we don't want her to be confused anymore. That we would rather her join another church then to be confused any longer. So the only way we can gain a testimony of the Gospel is by living it. So we made a list of things she needed to do for her to receive her answer. For example coming to church every week, reading and praying about the book of mormon daily, not meeting with other churches anymore, keeping all of the commandments and we told her to do all this for only one month and she would receive her answer. We told her she didn't have to do it but if she wanted her answer she needed to do it. So she agreed and she signed the paper committing to do all of it. And he 3 kids signed it as well. It was the most powerful lesson I have ever been in in my life. It was incredible. And it was super cool to see the difference when we first got there where the house seemed contentious and people seemed in bad moods to after the lesson where everyone was so happy and smily and laughing and just having an awesome time and seeing the spirit change the whole atmosphere of the house. And GUESS WHAT?? They all came to church yesterday!! We know without a doubt that she and her kids will receive their answer. There is no way you can be living the Gospel and not receive the answer and a testimony of it all. We are super excited about this!!! Best lesson of my whole mission for sure!!! :) 
        The next awesome thing this week is we had 7 investigators at church!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! It was the best ever! Victoria and her family came and Vanessa and her daughter came and another part member family. It was the coolest thing ever!!! :) This area is so awesome and it is about to explode!! :) I love being a missionary and though its really the hardest thing ever there are so many rewards such as 7 investigators at church! And awesome spiritual lessons. Its just incredible and I would encourage anyone that is of age to go on a mission, DO IT!!! It has blessed my life more then I can even begin to tell you!! I have learned so much and am still learning like crazy!! It is the best decision I have EVER made in my life! And I know without a doubt that the Lord is proud of me and what I am doing and is completely using me in the work. Its incredible!! Well I love you all so much and hope you all have such an incredible week this week!!! Oh by the way I changed apartments. The address is the same, 2566 10th st Sarasota FL 34237 but its apartment 102. Thank you all so much!!! Keep pressing forward with faith and trust in the Lord. Everything happens for a reason!!! Keep SMILING!!! :) :)  

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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