Friday, April 4, 2014

Full week of GROWTH!!!!

From Feb 3
Hey Everyone!! 

Sorry you didn't really get an update last week. I just had zero time and I apologize. But don't worry this email will be extra long now, ha ha. 

Hmm... where do I even begin! Well as you all know Hermana Halversen and I were going to receive a trainee. We were excited but super nervous, of course. And I was a little nervous because trios aren't the funnest things in the world and this will have been my 7th transfer in a trio. Anyway, so Hermana Halversen and I received the call and the AP's said that we also needed to pack a bag for 3 days and to bring good walking shoes. So in other words we were going to be street contacting in Tampa for 3 days with our new trainee. I'm not going to lie I was not very thrilled about doing this. So we drove up to Tampa on Tuesday and received our new trainee. Her name is Hermana Nadauld, she is from Oregon and is 19 yrs old and is super stoked about doing missionary work, and isn't shy at all. PERFECT! :) Thats how we like them, ha ha. So after transfer meeting we got right to work and went out and started walking around the streets of Tampa. For those of you who have been missionaries you know that that first person you try to talk to is always the hardest and most awkward but after that it gets better. So we had Hermana Nadauld do the first one, well on the way to contact we get a call from the zone leaders telling us we were also the Sister Training Leaders. So not only were we training but we are now the sister training leaders. A lot of weight on us ok. For the first few minutes we thought the zone leaders were pulling a prank on us but nope it was for reals. So we continued on and started to contact. It was hard and we weren't very good at it. But we kept trying. Well that night we went on splits with the sisters who are full time street contacting and we really learned how to do it where its not awkward and it was really cool. We were handing's out to everyone! Runners, people on the phone, just everyone and it was really cool to learn from these Sisters. They are brilliant at it! So the next day, day 2, was super cool. We met people from all over the world; Egypt, Albania, Columbia, Israel, England etc. My favorite were the people from England and their accent of course was awesome. We ran into them twice in the 3 days we were there. But they were Atheist and not interested but they were super cool. They helped me with my accent and now my accent is so good. Thats for you Hermana Binks, ha ha. Well anyway day 2 was super cold like 40's and we were all just freezing. Well the Sisters picked us up to go mall contacting instead. And let me just say THAT is HARD. We had no idea how to do it. We didn't want to get kicked out of the mall or people to get mad at us. We decided to say a prayer for someone to come to us. Literally right after I ended my prayer I heard someone speaking spanish. For some reason its a lot easier to start talking to someone in spanish then in english for me for some reason. I just feel more comfortable and they are a lot nicer too, ha ha. Anyway for a few minutes I was second guessing that I heard this woman speaking spanish and then finally I said another quick silent prayer and just got up off them bench we were sitting on and walked straight up to her. And started talking with her. And she was the sweetest lady ever. I gave her card and told her to check it out. It was really awesome. And though someone didn't necessarily come straight up to us and talk to us God gave us someone to talk to that we feel more comfortable around. It was really cool and then after that The Hermana's that are 100% full time street contacters in Tampa came in and we just did role play after role play in the mall and that was another answer to our prayers. Now we are professional street contacters and mall contacters. It was really fun and I learned so much. Literally these 3 days in Tampa were a HUGE turning point in my mission. I realized what it really feels like to talk to EVERYONE you see and that you pass by. I felt accomplished and just 100% that I was fulfulling my purpose as a missionary. It was the most incredible 3 days EVER!!! That was the most I learned on my mission since the MTC it was the most incredible experience!! Huge turning point in my mission. I mean I have had a lot of turning points but this one was a big one. It was just super super awesome to talk to so many people!! Those 3 days we invited 400 people to come unto Christ. Isn't that super LEGIT!!! 

      Last Monday we had an emergency MLC which the zone leaders, sister training leaders, Assistants and President get together and talk. Well President pretty much told us that everyone in this mission needs to step up their obedience level to even higher. That it is on us leaders if they aren't obedient. So even though I thought I was being obedient Im stepping it up even higher all the way down to the little small things. We ARE going to be a more obedient mission and we ARE going to pull down the powers of Heaven and this work IS going to Hasten and it is going to be amazing to see. I am so excited to be a missionary at this time and to really be a part of this work hastening. Its absolutely the BEST thing in the whole world. I have never been so happy in my life and anyone who wants this happiness BE A MISSIONARY and you WILL feel this amazing happiness. This work is incredible and I LOVE it. I never want to stop being a missionary. Its literally the Best. Just like that scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says how great shall be your joy if you shall bring one soul unto me... and how great shall be your joy if you shall bring many souls unto me. This work is the best thing in the whole world we could be doing right now. And the most important work in the World!! :) :) 

      So this week has been great. We have had some awesome lessons this week. You all remember Victoria right? Well she came to church again and stayed all 3 hours. She loved it. Her 2 kids also came and loved it. Its so incredible to see the gospel really change people and see the happiness in their eyes. We had a lesson with a recent convert who is best friends with Victoria and her family. The recent converts wife is not a member and we have been working hard with her as well. Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with them and Margarita really opened up to us and told us she will get baptized when Victoria gets baptized!!! Also Sergio, the recent convert, told us that Victoria's husband, Pascual, said that Victoria is preparing for baptism!!!!! She herself hasn't told us but we can feel it. She is definitely getting baptized this transfer. She only has a week and a couple days till her month of living the gospel is up and we just know that she will get baptized after that. It is INCREDIBLE!!!!! :) I am the happiest I have ever been and I am just so grateful to be here. 
      So yesterday we had 9 investigators at church!! It was literally a full day of miracles. A less active and his wife who isn't a member came to church. Victoria and her family came to church, another investigator that we weren't expecting came and then Margarita came which is Sergio's wife. It was literally just incredible day yesterday!!! I can't express to you enough how amazingly happy I am and though I miss home and my family a lot I wouldn't change where I am at and what I am doing for the world. This is literally THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK ON EARTH and I get this wonderful privilege to be a part of it. 
       I love you all so much and am so grateful for you love and prayers. Thank you so much!! Remember that when we follow God's plan we WILL be HAPPY!!! I love you and hope you have an incredible week!!! :) 


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