From Feb 10
Hey Everyone!! 

This week has been pretty....interesting and good!!! We started out the week pretty good. We went on exchanges with the YSA sisters in our zone and it was super super fun. They are just a blast. One of the sisters came to our area with Sister Nadauld and I and we had a member dinner with some of our investigators. It was super awesome and tons of fun. That is the way to go to do missionary work!! It's not awkward and its not as formal as a normal lesson and so the investigator feels a lot more comfortable. Its way awesome!! :) We then met up with Hermana Halversen and the other sister and we went and did some mall contacting together and it was super fun. One of the sisters had a huge fear of contacting people and we helped her totally overcome that and now she is a professional contacter, ha ha. Her companion is awesome and we were stopped in rush hour traffic and she got out of the car to hand out a pass along card to the car next to us. It was sooooo AWESOME!!! We switched back and we went over to Victoria's house. We talked about if she had received her answer yet because she only had about 4 days left of her Commitment to live the Gospel list. And she said she isn't sure but she was going to do a special fast that sunday but that she thinks a baptism will be soon. And sunday came and Sister Halversen sits on the stand because she is the only one who plays the piano, so she plays for the branch. So she can see everyone. Well she of course is watching Victoria and she is just as happy and smiley as can be. Which she usually isn't and then one of the speakers was talking on baptism and she started crying during the talk. We are going to try to see her as soon as possible because we KNOW that she received her answer and that she is going to get baptized. We are super super super excited!!! :) And way proud of her. :) :) :) 

We also had an extended MLC, which is for the leaders and stuff and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! President Donaldson who was the Mission president in San Diego when the movies "The District" was filmed. Which we watch as missionaries to learn and grow from how the missionaries in the movie do things. Well lets just say President Donaldson is a BOSS!!! He is an incredible teacher and knows so much!!! We learned so many new ways of teaching and his focus was really on being personal with people and really being natural. It was the coolest meeting I have ever been to. I learned so much. Its always so fun to learn new ways of teaching and making the work better. Speaking of which we will be getting our Ipads this week. We are super stoked and its literally going to be a whole new way of missionary work. We are 1 mission out of 30 missions in the world that are getting Ipads. We are really excited. :) Its going to change the way we do things soooo much!!! :) We won't have planners or area books it will all just be in our ipad. Isn't that crazy? I think so but I am really stoked. 

One thing I learned this week is that sometimes being a leader is hard. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy and realize that we can't just "make friends" out here even though that is fun but we need to help these missionaries realize their potential and what they can become if they are just obedient. And that the missionary may not like you in the moment but that they will appreciate what you did for them in the future. I also learned from this experience that obedience is HUGE and helping missionaries realize what they can have and see if they are just obedient is amazing. We can bring down the powers of heaven upon us if we are just obedient. And it was incredible to show that to the missionaries that we are over. And its worth being "the bad guy" when they come to you after and say thank you I needed that and I am grateful for you and your example. Thats when everything you do for them is worth it. I love it even though it is super hard!! 

I am super grateful to be out here and to be able to have this amazing opportunity to be a missionary in this time to really see the work HASTEN. I love this gospel and am so grateful for it in my life and really happiness it brings to anyone who LIVES IT. Thats the secret to life. If we live the gospel we will be happy its a promise. So if you have this happiness and love this gospel as much as I do then SHARE IT. Share what you know because you never know when one of your friends or family members is ready for the gospel. But you have to do your part and INVITE them. And you don't have to do more then you already do, you have activities as families, as your ward, just invite people to those. Its so easy!! And for those of you who are too scared to open your mouth, all you need is 20 seconds of courage. That is it, 10 seconds to walk up to someone and 10 to open your mouth. Don't be afraid of what to say because God will put the words in your mouth and don't be afraid of rejection because you will have done your part. There is no "waiting for the right time" the right time is NOW!!!! I love this gospel, it brings more joy then anything else in the world!! SO SHARE IT!!!! 

I love you all and hope you have an incredible week of missionary experiences!!!! :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daines