Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 3!!

Hola Everyone!!
Well everybody, this week has been another fantastic week!!! I can't believe it's already p-day again!! We are half way done. here in the mtc. Crazy! Well first off this week we had to memorize Joseph Smith's First Vision in spanish. I totally got it down. It was so super easy! I actually used it in a lesson we taught that same day. It was so cool to be able to just recite it and the power that comes from that.
Well we taught Maria again yesterday. And she is really struggling. She is so scared to pray and so she just won't pray. A few years ago her best friend died and she feels that it is her fault. Its like she feels she doesn't deserve to be happy or forgiven. She is scared to be happy. Well we at first were going to teach her the plan of salvation and that she would see her friend again someday but then we had a companionship study and we all felt impressed to teach her the atonement instead. So we prepared ourselves and tried to learn as much spanish as we could before we went in. Well we went in there and the spirit was there sooooo strong, it was incredible. I asked her if she felt like she could even be forgiven and she said that she believed in the atonement but for everyone else, not her. So we went by the spirit and we aren't even sure what exactly was said but I cried and so did Hermana Lewis. The spirit was so powerful. We got done with the lesson and Maria still didn't not want to pray. So we said the prayer and then we thanked her and left. For this next lesson we feel that the atonement needs to be taught again but in a different way. So we are praying for guidance. We are also going to have her pray in the middle of the lesson so she will get over that fear of praying. We want her to be happy but we aren't sure if she does. We feel she might feel guilty for being happy because of her friend passing. So we are going to ask her if she even wants to be happy. Of course we will go by the spirit but I really hope she understands this time. Because I honestly can feel her pain, it breaks my heart. All we want to do for her is to help her and bring her happiness.
So I have had a problem this week with spanish. I keep feeling like I need to be perfect at it before I do it and speak it. Well the Lord this week was giving me sign upon sign that I do not have to be perfect in the language. We have devotional speakers twice a week. And at both of them they mentioned perfection. One said, "Perfection does not come all at once." Which I needed to hear cause I need to be more patient with the language. Another said, "Perfection does not come in this life but in the next life." And it is so so true. I need to just start speaking the words I know and trust in the Lord and in that the spirit will guide me in my words. Also another quote was, "When we fully let the spirit into our lives, we don't have to worry." The Lord just gave me sign upon sign that i need to be patient, not worry about perfection, and let the spirit in. It was truely incredible and humbling.
So Jay I saw Amelia Ball here. Do you remember her from the Present Yourself. I thought she didn't come till April but she got here a week from yesterday. I didn't really get the chance to talk to her really but hopefully I will. And Jay have you ever heard of  Porter Ellett? He is my spanish teacher here at the MTC, and we have been told that he is more famous then we think. He only has one arm and plays baseball or something. He is an incredible teacher. I have learned so much from him. He truely cares about us and loves us and really wants us to succeed. And wants to see our success.
Well it has been an awesome week! Well if you email I love hearing about everyone in the outside world but I need letters because I only have 30 minutes for email and its not nearly enough time. So if you could write me instead that would be awesome. I'll leave my address at the bottom of the email.
 I love you all so much and thank you for your support, love, and prayers. Have an awesome week!!! :)
All My Love, Hermana Marisa Daines
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