Monday, June 24, 2013

Hola Everyone!!

Hey everyone!!

Wow what a week it has been. hmmm where do I begin? Well we had a zone conference type thing this passed Wednesday because on July 1st we are getting a new mission president. So it was kinda of a goodbye to President Summerhays and his wife. And to tell us that the new president is going to be just as good even if he does things differently and that we need to love him as well. It was an AMAZING meeting. He also talked about how we should never ever give up. He showed us this video clip of this runner in the olympics some year and he was running a 400m and within 150 m he collapsed with a searing pain in his leg. He had torn his hamstring. With determination he wanted to finish the race. So he hopped along when a man came up and helped him and was supporting him so he could finish his race. That man was his father. Right before the finish line his father let him go so he could have the victory of finishing. I loved that story. Our Father in Heaven is always there to lift us up and support us. No matter what happens or what we are going through He never wants us to give up, He wants us to lean on Him until we can go on our own. It was exactly what I needed. Also a sweet Sister shared a dream that she had when she was at her lowest in her mission. She was feeling so weighed down and that so many peoples souls rested upon her. She was soooo stressed and overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. Well she had this dream that she said has changed her whole mission. She dreamed that her and her companion were in this giant open field and that they were carrying this GIANT boulder. They could barely even lift it anymore and they could not walk forward with it. When the Savior comes to them and says, "Give it to me and I will carry it, you just have to follow me." We must give our weaknesses and trials over to Christ. He can carry them. We must not weigh ourselves down with things that Christ has already paid for. We must give everything to him. He is there we just have to give it to him and follow him. That was so powerful to me. I loved that so much and it changed me. We said goodbye to the Summerhay's and it was really sad but it was happy for them as well. So bitter sweet! It was great though!

Then later on in the week was great as well. One day after language study I realized that it was easier to learn the last few days and I didn't know why. I then realized it was because in my prayers the last few days I had been asking the Lord to help me love the language and not hate because of my frustrations with it. It had made the difference. Its been easier and I am so grateful for that and the counsel that I received from Sister Carson to ask for that. 

Then last night was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I don't know how many of you watched the broadcast about missionary work last night. But this work is changing and it is quite the sight and such an opportunity to be a part of it. One day we will get ipads I don't know when but someday. We keep hearing it will be soon because the new mission president is paperless. But the apostle said that we would be let know when it would happen to our mission. Also that we would be using facebook as a resource as well. SO COOL!! And that the  meetinghouses of the Church will be open all the time. I'm not even sure what they will do about that because they want missionaries there as well. So maybe it will be like a visitor's center mission call I don't know ha ha. Who knows! And one thing big was the whole broadcast and all missionary work is centered on LOVE. We need to focus on loving more. Anyway this work is amazing and it is such an honor to be a missionary, an instrument for the Lord. The same night after the broadcast we decided to go to one of our investigators, Cynthia and Luis, and we hadn't seen them all week. And they had avoided us and we didn't know why. We had no idea what happened and we were a little scared. Plus they had a baptism date for the 30th which is next sunday. So we had all been praying for them so hard and mightily. It was a miracle!!! We were able to see them and see how they were doing and really love them. That is going to be our main focus with everyone now is to love them. We do have to change their baptism date and that is sad but we were able to see them and love them and get them to love us. It was a MIRACLE!!! Love this gospel!!! 

This work is the best thing in the world I could ever be doing right now and I am blessed and honored to be a servant of the Lord. I thank you all for the support and love from everyone of you. You are all amazing!!!! I love you all so so much!! Keep smiling and Always trust in the Lord!!!

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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