Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone!!! 

Hmmm..... I don't even know where to start. Sometimes my weeks get all mushed and I don't remember what happened ha ha. Well we have a new mission President today. President and Sister Summerhays went home. Its sad but now we have an awesome opportunity to meet our new mission president this week. And how often do people get to say they had two mission presidents while they served their mission. Its gonna be awesome!!!! 

Well lets see Monday was a very hard day. A little bit stressful. We had a dinner appt but we thought we knew where she lived but we didn't. We were driving forever looking for this house. We finally got directions and even then we still got lost. We drove and drove ha ha so finally we get to the house. We get inside and she wasn't expecting us. We had look at our calendar and she was signed up for monday and she said she wasn't expecting us till friday. And so we just left. It was so awful. We all three just wanted to cry. It was so bad. Ha ha. Quite the adventure and we used like 90 miles that day. We are only given a certain amount of miles on our car and in one day we used that many. She does live way far out there but man....crazy!!! But we made it better by going to Sweet Berries, which is frozen custard and fixing it up with that for dinner. haha I know healthy right. And while we were there we got a text. And it was the happiest text. AHHHH it made my day so much better. A previous investigator, Amelia, we had been teaching her back in April and we had asked her to be baptized and since then we have not been able to get in contact with her. We would visit her at all times of the day never was home and even one time she was home and she ignored us. We called, text, everything. So we just thought we scared her away. Little did we know none of that was happening. She text us and said Hi Hermanas how are you doing? (of course in spanish) but I flipped I was like no way is this happening. And we responded with we are great how have you been. And she responded with I don't have work anymore you can come over anytime, I am home all day. Oh my gosh it was INCREDIBLE!!! The next day Hermana Carson went over there with a member on splits and taught her. And we just have to go super slow with her because she has no knowledge of scriptures and barely anything about Jesus Christ. But I have a feeling with time and love she will come to the gospel. She is so so special. 
     Tuesday was a great day as well. We have been doing a Free English class and we haven't been able for weeks get one person there. But we had our First and only student that day. It was really really awesome. Success!!!!! Wednesday was great as well. We have an awesome district and zone. We had a district meeting and they are always always amazing. We played I love you because but about the Book of Mormon. It made me realized how much I really do love the Book of Mormon. After that we did a role play inviting someone to read the Book of Mormon and it was incredible!!! It made my testimony that much more powerful and I felt such a love for the Book of mormon and for the person I was talking to. Later that night we went over to Cynthia and Luis, other investigators. And we wanted to get them to read and love the Book of Mormon so district meeting was inspired. We went there with a member and it was sooooo AWESOME!!!! We felt the spirit so strong and I felt so much more love for them and I feel like they could feel my love. It was probably our best lesson we have ever had. It is seriously all about love. If you do not have love its not going to work. We had asked them previously to be baptized and in this lesson they told us they were interested in learning more and all they could but at that moment they weren't ready. So we have to go slow with them as well. Which I am totally fine with, we want them to feel ready before making this huge step and change in their life. 

      Then one of these days this week I think it was friday we had 2 dinner appts in one night. I felt like a giant balloon. It was great great food but we couldn't cancel with either of them. it was so bad ha ha pretty sure I got fat from that day. Saturday we had an incredible day as a companionship and some major break throughs. We have been struggling physically this week really bad, but I guess emotionally and mentally as well. But we did a huge mighty prayer that took a couple hours but it was so needed. It was the best experience ever. And afterwards I felt like so much was lifted off my shoulders and I just felt so much lighter. It was truly a blessing. It made our companionship so much more unified then it already was. We are soooo extremely close and I can't believe that Hermana Carson goes home in only one week. Its going by too too quick. 

     Yesterday was an interesting day. Ha ha we had an awesome baptism from the Elders. 3 girls got baptized. And they were kind of roudy and giggly before the baptism and it was amazing to see the change in them from before and after. After they were so calm and just glowing it was so awesome. Then we had to run to a dinner appt. And my family knows how much I do not like shrimp at all. Well guess what was for dinner Shrimp and pasta. I don't know how I ate it but I did. Soooo gross!!! I guess it was prayer that helped me through it cause I seriously was praying the whole time. After that we had no idea where to go nothing was feeling right. Even a less active that we see that has never blown us off blew us off. So we went to the church cause we had lost an important paper there earlier, so we decided to look for it. Couldn't find it but as we were pulling out of the parking lot we were just going to go home and do some language study but we got a text from our zone leaders saying work till 9 everyone and find the one!! So thats what we did. We felt we needed to go to a certain trailer park. So we knocked on this door and we meet this guy Antonio. And he is amazing!! We found an amazing investigator because we stuck it out and just kept working. It was super cool!!! 

Well I love you all and hope you are all doing amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything you all do for me and your great love and support. Keep pressing forward and do it with a smile, God loves you!!!! 

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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