Monday, June 17, 2013


Sorry guys, this was from last week and with the Black Forest Fire getting evacuated I hadn't updated it.

Hola Todas las Personas!!! 

It has been quite the week!! It was our first real bike week and wow let me just tell you I am going to be getting some serious leg muscles ha ha!!! Wow so much has happened: Like my companion got hit by a car, we got an ocean dumped on us, found some awesome investigators, and was stuck inside all day because of a really bad storm. Ha ha so first story first we found a great new family. Luis and Cynthia. We found them walking while we were biking and they are so ready for this message. We met them I think sometime at the beginning or middle of the week. We taught them the first lesson of the restoration and it was incredible. They ket reading ahead in their pamphlet and it was just perfect. Then a couple days later we taught them the plan of salvation and asked them to be baptized after they prayed to know the truth and they said YES!!!! Yay I am so excited they are so ready for this message and being a missionary is the greatest feeling in the whole world. Hopefully next lesson we are going to set an actual date for baptism but man they are just soaking up everything we are teaching them its incredible!!!! 

The next story is the other day, Saturday, WOW we were out biking at the far end of our area, like the farthest corner and it was bright and sunny and the only problems we were having that day was complete rejection from everyone we were meeting but we kept going with smiles on our faces. It was difficult because it was really hot and every person we met was a rejection. It made me a little sad but we kept pressing forward praying to find a family to teach. But with no success. A little while later after searching, knocking, and rejection we felt we needed to head back home, it was dinner time anyway. So we start heading back and within 2 minutes we see these HUGE DARK clouds rolling in and we just knew thats why we needed to go home. We started pedaling faster and then the rain started to fall and let me just say Florida rain storms are not normal rain storms. It is like the ocean dumping on you. Within 5 seconds of the rain starting we were drenched. And we were a long ways from home. So we just keep biking as fast as we can. It was the funniest thing I just could not stop laughing. I don't know why I thought it was so funny but it was. And at one point Hermana Carson was the leader and there was a giant truck that drove through a GIANT puddle and it was like a movie, it was a wave over her head. It was the craziest thing cause I was right behind her. I got the last of the wave only on my legs. But it was crazy! And then there was another one that got Hermana Carson and I again. We were so drenched and muddy and it was the funniest experience ever!! And this one time we were out we forgot to grab a plastic bag for our back packs and we will never forget that again. Ha ha the great joys of being a missionary on a bike. So we went home and took showers and we had an appt at 8 that we still had to make. It was about 6 ish when we got home so we were stuck in the rain for probably 45-50 minutes. Anyway we were trying to get a member to drive us so we wouldn't have to bike there in the rain. But we had no success. So we finished eating and went back out on our bikes and got drenched again and made it to our appt. It was an amazing lesson with Paula and she is doing great. And it was a really good lesson. So we are glad we went back out there. We got home after another wet bike ride and took a second shower! It was sooooo much FUN!!!! 

The next story is truely a MIRACLE!!! So Hermana Carson was at a meeting so it was just Hermana Hafen and I. We were biking to an area we felt we should go to and we are coming up to a street to cross it wasn't a busy one or had a light or anything. So we were just going to go. There was a white ford bronco waiting for the chance to turn right. I was leading and as I was crossing he saw me but he didn't think there was anyone else so he went to turn and he hit Hermana Hafen. Now here is the miracle. She has one tiny bruise. Her bike was underneathe his tire and she was standing by his truck door. Its like literally an angel picked her up and set her off to the side. She has no idea how she got over there. Her bike is destroyed but she is 100% great!! The Lord truely looks out for his missionaries!!! From now on though we are being waaayyy more careful about crossing any street!! 

So Thursday we get a text from the Mission office saying we have to stay inside till 11 or for further notice because of tornado and lightning and thunder storms. So we do, we have to anyway because we have longer studies then english missionaries because we have language study plus im still training so I have even longer studies. Well we do all of our studies and literally right after it says stay in your apartments for the rest of the day because the weather is unpredictable and unsafe. So we were stuck inside our apartment all day. We made ourselves a real dinner and made some chocolate cookies, and then had like a 3 hour personal study session it was THE BEST!!!! I read and read the book of mormon!!! Its the best book on the planet earth!!! I learned so much and I could not stop reading it. I absolutely know for a fact that it is a true book. It is the word of God I have no doubt about it. And if you don't know if its true or not or you have never read it I seriously encourage you to read and pray about it God will answer and I know you will know it is true!!! It is such a blessing in my life and has changed me so much!!!! This Church is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Love it!!!

We have had a lot of fun this last week with bikes!!! And I am grateful to be on bikes as much as it hurts sometimes. But seriously we bike between 15-30 miles a day. ITS INCREDIBLE!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! This area is going to be on fire soon!! We are working so hard and Im completely completely exhausted by the end of the day. Its such a wonderful thing!!!!! 

Thank you all for your amazing love, and support!!!! May God Bless your Lives with anything you stand in need of!!!! I know He will bless you as long as you are doing the things you need to: reading the Book of Mormon especially. That book is WONDERFUL!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Keep going forward with Faith!!!! I love you all mucho!!!!

All my Love, Hermana Daines

p.s. the pic of me laying on the couch is my pregnant belly after eating soooooooo much food!! The joys of being stuck inside all day!!!! ha ha!!! 
Then the other is hermana hafen and her broken bike. 
And then the other is after a baby rain storm compared to the other ocean storm. I didn't get pics of that I wish I had but esta bien. Ha ha

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