Monday, July 15, 2013

1st week of being a Trainer!!!!

WOW!!! I don't even know where to begin. This week has been the most successful best week I have ever had in my whole mission. ITS BEEN INCREDIBLE!!!! 

Monday was the BEST p-day. We all as a zone played beach volleyball. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I had a blast. Got a little burned but esta bien!!! 

Tuesday was great as well!! Tuesday we drove to a members house that morning because she was going to take us up to Tampa to drop Hermana Carson off and so we could pick up our new trainee. We got there and of course she had made like a giant feast for breakfast and said we can't leave till its gone. Ha ha so funny! Her name is Hermana Montanez. She is the best!!! I love her so much and she is like my Grandma out here so don't worry Fam I am being taken care of. She is from Puerto Rico. Crazy and fun and man she is a hoot!! Then another member came over, Hermana Garcia, who is also incredible and takes care of us. We stuffed our food down and then left to Tampa. Of course we got lost and were a few minutes late but again esta bien.  We get there and immediately I met someone that went to school with Aaron so that was cool. And we were trained on how to be trained. And our new mission pres is AMAZING!!! He doesn't want anyone to have a bad trainer and so he really put emphasis on if you don't feel like you can train tell him. The first 12 weeks of someones mission are the most critical. Anyway so we went in the chapel and we each met out trainees. My cute new companion along with Hermana Hafen is Hermana Binks. She is incredible!!! Wants to work so hard and is just killing it out here. We did have to say goodbye to Hermana Carson and that was a little sad I think I only shed a few tears ha ha. But she is doing amazing at her home in Idaho. So we drove back to Bradenton. And we let Hermana binks cill for like a half hour and then we went out and we taught taught taught. It was amazing!!!!! And we have just been rocking it this week. We have been doing lots of finding. One in particular was wednesday. We had been knocking and knocking and just rejection after rejection from white people and Hispanic. We had 10 minutes before dinner and we had the choice to either keep going and find our ONE or go have dinner early. We chose to stick it out, you know that last 10% the miracles happen. So we knock on this door and a teenaged boy answers. His name is Miguel. We tell him we are missionaries and he tells his mom and his mom said that she only speaks spanish and we said well we speak both. And she immediately let us in and we taught The restoration with her and her son miguel. We went back again Friday and they had been researching us on the computer trying to find everything they could about us and our religion. They are just hungry for this gospel. We invited them to church and to pray to know if this is true. Sunday came and we were a little nervous cause many people say they will come to church and no one ever comes. Especially when you first meet them. But Angelina(the mom) and Miguel were at church on sunday. Along with her little son William who is 2. Miguel is 16 and this family is INCREDIBLE!!! We had a confirmation happening and she wanted to know what that was like and so we took her to see what it was like. And it was just incredible!!! She had the best experience and we are going to see her again tomorrow and we will probably set a baptismal date with her and her son Miguel. They are amazing!!! They are our elect!!! AMAZING!!! AHHHH 

We have just had so much success this week. Normally we have 0-3 member present lessons in a week and we had 8 this week!!! I have gained such a testimony of members being with us during lessons. For example Amelia who I have talked about already. She is amazing but we speak awful spanish so she doesn't always understand us. But we brought Hermana Garcia with us on Friday and oh my gosh it was amazing!! She just totally loved her. And sunday Amelia Came to church!!! We have been trying to get her to church for months since my first week here and she finally came. It was such a blessing!!! BEST SUNDAY IN MY LIFE!!! 

We have also taught like 30 lessons this week and its just been the best week. The Lord has really guided us this week and its been amazing to see His hand in our lives and this work. Hermana Binks is an incredible missionary and wants to do everything she can out here. We are trying really hard to get spanish but its HARD. But it will get better. It is hard to learn spanish when there is english everywhere still. But the Lord is helpingh us along. I was told that I wouldn't appreciate the language unless it was hard. So thats fine with me. Training has been great!! I have had to really put my trust in the Lord and watch every step I've made. Its lots of fun and really we haven't even had to train that much Hermana Binks is incredible!!! 

We have had lots of rain this week, but whats new. Ha ha :)

This is an incredible work and I am so grateful to be out here. It is such a privilege and I am so grateful for the Lord and His hand in everything we do. He loves us and everything happens for a reason. The Lord is answering our prayers constantly and we can also be the answer to a prayer for someone else. Never miss a prompting from the spirit. He knows whats best!!! I love you all so much and I love this work!! INCREDIBLE!!!! Be a missionary!!!!

All my Love, Hermana Daines

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