Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Florida Bike Week!!

Hey Everyone!!

Well this week has been kind of rough for Hermana Binks and I. We are super super low on people to teach and we no longer can knock doors so we really have to get creative with our finding ideas. The Branch is doing ok, they haven't really caught the missionary vision yet and thats a little frustrating. But with time it will come. I know it will, even if its when I am not here. Our progressing investigators that we have are great. I never knew I could love people soooo much and know them for so little time. Its a beautiful thing!! 

So this past friday was quite the interesting day. Ha ha we went to go see some less active cuban girls. And I don't know if you all remember the story I told about the dog that chased us multiple times. Well we were on bikes this week and we were off our bikes walking down the street to these less actives house and Toby (the name of the dog) came running at us. Hermana Binks was in the front and I immediately turned around and because I was trying to get out of there so quickly so I wouldn't get eaten by this demon dog my bike fell in the process and I tripped and smashed into the pavement. But at that time I was just thinking get up get up before Toby eats you. So I get up and look and Toby had run away. And I thought to myself that was weird. Well then Hermana Binks says I am bleeding and this stings really bad. Great Toby bit her. She showed me and it was decently bad. She had ended up hitting him with her bag a few times then he ran away. Well Toby is the most disgusting dog ever he is supposed to be white but is almost black. So we both are just scraped and torn up. So we bike to a members house and clean our cuts with some rubbing alcohol. It hurt like crazy!! But we didn't want hermana Binks to be infected with toby germs or even rabies. Well on our way to dinner after we cleaned up we saw our former investigator, Miguel, do you all remember Miguel. He dropped us a while back. Well he was walking and we were able to talk to him for a little while. His family is not really doing good right now and we told him if he needs anything that we will be there. I feel like that was supposed to happen and if it wasn't for Toby attacking us we wouldn't have gone that way home and wouldn't have been able to see Miguel. So everything happens for a reason.  The next day Hermana Binks went to the doctors and got some antibiotics and she should be fine. But its sure been crazy!!!

We had a really fun ward activity on saturday. Raising money by doing a yard sale, car wash, and selling food. It was soooooooooo much fun!!!!!!! 

Well I love you all so much and hope everything is going fantastic!!! Remember that good comes from everything whether it be learning a lesson, getting attacked by a dog in order to see someone you haven't seen in a while like us and our investigator Miguel or even just little things like giving a smile to someone who needed it. Remember the little things in life and cherish them!! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!! Keep going and never give up!!! The Lord loves each one of you so much!! :)

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