Wednesday, October 9, 2013

hey everyone!!!!

Well this week was a pretty decent week!! This email will be short as I have not a ton to say except for the fact that General Conference was amazing!!! Those talks were totally BOSS!!!!! I loved it soooo much!!! One sad part though is the sunday morning session we ended up watching in spanish and it was soooo depressing because I didn't get anything out of it. And the only part I understood was when President Monson was talking saying that that night he was going to right in his journal saying that it was the best session and him talking about his wife and then I couldn't understand after that. But whatever good thing they will be online and in the Ensign. It was a good experience though to be able to hear it in spanish. ha ha 

Our miracle for the week!!! So we have been doing a plan for less actives called "Al Rescate" (to the rescue) we go and see all the less actives and if they aren't home we leave a card saying we are looking for this person if you could please let us know if they still live here and how to contact them blah blah blah. So we were on our way to go to a less actives, his name is Hermano Rangel. He has been less active for 3 years and has wanted absolutely nothing to do with the church he even disconnected his phone number and everything but we were following the plan and we went to go see him. Well no one answered and so we left a card there. Well a day or two later we get a call from a random number it is HERMANO RANGEL!!!! This is crazy!!! We were soooo surprised. And then he called the elders to give his mother in law a blessing.....BAHHHH YAY!!!!! Well Hermano Rangel wanted us to come over. But everytime we asked him he was working. So we waited a couple weeks then we text him saturday and asked if we could see him sunday and he called and said that was perfect!! So we had an appointment with him yesterday!! Hermana Binks and I were super super nervous but we planned an amazing lesson and said a big prayer before and went in with faith. Well our lesson was aboslutely amazing!!!! The spirit was super strong from the moment we stepped in and just got stronger as the lesson went on. After they began to tell us that he had been having dreams of the church, ( hispanics have many dreams and visions) a couple days before the Al Rescate plan went into action. And then we put the card there and he saw it as a sign from God that it was his time. So he told us that they would be returning to church. They had watched conference and loved it and it was just AMAZING!!!!! I have such a testimony of the plans that are put into place. I know Al rescate was put in place for a reason and it was to bring Hermano Rangel and his family back to church. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful to be such a huge part of it. I am learning so much out here and growing in ways I could have never imagined. I love this work so much and it is such an important time to do missionary work. I love doing this work of the Lord. Thank you all for you prayers and support!!! I hope you all have an incredible week!! See the Lord's hand in your life, because he is always there!! :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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