Monday, October 21, 2013


Hola Everyone!! 

Its been a pretty good week this week. It started out fantastic with our favorite investigator, Magali. We love her soooo much. She makes me not miss home so much. She is literally just like family its a beautiful thing. The mission is a beautiful thing! We meet so many people that are just going to be eternal friends. Its amazing!! Then tuesday was the worst day ever. Nothing was working out all our plans were just awful. But we had english class and a lesson with David. We were planning on watching The Restoration video with him. But nothing was working out. We forgot the dvd player then we didn't have a key to the library it was just awful. Well let me just say we finally got it all figured out. And Satan was involved in that one. He was trying so hard to get us down and to have this not work out. Well we watched the video with him. And let me just say I have watched that video a thousand times and it has never felt like it did then. The spirit was soooo extremely powerful!! I can't even describe it. I was crying... David was crying...Hna Binks was crying. It was incredible! There was no way anyone could deny it, it was so powerful! We bore our testimonies of it after and David said I know it happened I believe this is true! It was incredible!! AHHH!!!! YAY!!!! 

We have been contacting people on the street and in front of hispanic tiendas (stores) like crazy! We have talked to hundreds of people. Its so much fun but quite exhausting. We are really trying hard to talk to as many people as we can and Hermana Binks and I are just having a huge blast with it. :) Sometimes we will go in the mall and act like we are shopping but really we are just listening for people speaking spanish so we can go talk to them. ha ha its the best!! 

This past Saturday was the funnest day EVER!! We had a Dia De Hispanidad. Which is member brought food from their country, dances and music. It was such a blast!! Probably one of the funnest things. Mom you would die for the food we had. It was sooo good. But don't worry mom when we come back here together they'll cook it for us. Ha ha! Anyway it was just a blast and we had 2 investigators there and they loved it. Magali and her family came and they are just amazing!! They had tons of fun there!! SUCH A BLAST!!! 

And all though the work is really slow right now and really only have 2 investigators I can feel something is going to change soon. We are doing a branch fast for missionary work and we are talking to so many people. The Branch is going to take off soon I know it, I can just feel it. I just hope and pray I am still here when it happens. Ha ha. I have been here in Bradenton for a while now. But I am willing to do whatever the Lord wants of me. 

Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers. I can feel them coming my way. You are all amazing!! Remember that with God anything is possible and He knows what is best for us!! Trust in Him and do it His way!! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!! 

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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