Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It was....a week!!

Hey Everyone!!

This email might be really short. Not a ton happened this week. It was a good week but we are really focusing on less actives and Rescuing them and a lot of them just haven't been home or don't live there so its a little a tough but the ones we were able to see we felt like went really well. I felt like we fulfilled our purpose in bringing them closer to Christ. Now we have to bring them even closer and get them to church, ha ha. 

Some sad news is our miracle named Antonio totally dumped us hard. He told us he didn't want to learn anymore and that his pastor thought it would be best if he didn't go to our church anymore and then he came out with a stack of everything we had ever given him. I wanted to cry. But I just took our movie that he borrowed and I told him to keep the rest. It was really sad. Hermana Binks and I just wanted to cry and we were doing everything in our power not to cry. Sad day! :( 

Yesterday was a really great day. Our focus was really talking to everyone while biking and not being so focused on the destination at hand. And it went really really well. I saw a lady a little farther up the street and I knew right then I needed to talk to her. So I slammed on my brakes when I got up to her and introduced ourselves and started talking about the Book of Mormon and pulled one out for her. And it turns out she already has one. AWESOME!! We asked if we could come teach her more this coming week and she said I am busy all day everyday but I do like your book. So we gave her our card and invited her to our Dia de Hispanidad. And though she wasn't interested right then I know she will eventually come to this gospel. We were just seed planters and its great. Later that evening I went to hop on my bike and my chain had come off. Well its one of those bikes that have a metal covering over where the chain is so its super difficult to get back on. So we walked over to a parking lot where there were lights cause it was getting dark and I sat on the ground in my skirt and white shirt and worked for a good 15 minutes trying to get this chain back on. And I finally said a silent prayer Heavenly Father I cannot get this chain on and its getting way dark please help me. And while I was trying to get the chain on many people passed but never helped. Well after I finished my prayer a guy comes riding on his bike towards us and asks if everything is ok. And I just said I am just trying to get this chain back on and its super difficult. And he looks at me and he says oh let me do it you are in white oh goodness. And he gets on my bike to ride it and the chain just goes back on while he is riding it. CRAZY! I was soooo grateful for this guy!!! It was such a blessing. He was literally an angel sent to me at a time when I needed it so bad. And God answered my prayer. My hands were completely black just covered in grease. I felt like a mechanic. Permanent stained hands. So he got into his bag and he had a rag to wipe my hands on but of course it didn't come off. So he said hmm I think this will do the trick. And he squeezed sunscreen in my hands and told me to rub them together and then wipe my hands on the rag and it took it all off. And I barely had a chance to say thank you soooooo much and he told us to be safe on these roads and he was gone. Well maybe 25 minutes later we are on our way home and we pass him again and says oh they you two are and just road off super fast. I didn't know what to think of that. I still am not sure but maybe I was supposed to talk to him or he was really just an angel sent to help us. I don't know but either way I am so grateful for him and what he did for me. And if I was supposed to talk to him then I pray that Heavenly Father will give me another chance to do so. I know that this gospel is real and true. That God answers prayers and He loves each one of us so much!! Always rely on Him. :) 

Well everyone I love you all so much and am so grateful for you love and your support in my life. You are amazing!! Keep pressing forward with faith and staying strong!!  

All My Love, Hermana Marisa Daines

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