Thursday, January 2, 2014


From Dec 30. 

WOW!! I can't believe its about to be 2014. Its almost like 2013 didn't even happen. Its the weirdest thing. Anyway we had a pretty awesome week this week. First this past monday was really awesome. We had some potencial investigators that had just moved here from Puerto Rico and didn't have anything for christmas. So we felt we should give away our mini christmas tree since we didn't really need it. So 2 days before christmas we went to their apartment with the tree decorated and some chocolate and a card and left it outside their apartment for them to find cause they weren't home. We got a text that night saying thank you so much our kids were so happy to see that.It was so much fun to be able to bless another family that didn't have much for christmas with a tree and some chocolate. That is what christmas is about is giving and serving others. SO AWESOME!!! :) We went caroling on Christmas Eve and then had an amazing dinner with The Perez family. They roasted a whole pig. Don't worry I have a picture attached. Then Christmas day was great. We made cookies and gave them to all our less actives and investigators for christmas to show them we care about them and love them. It was really fun. Then I got to skype my wonderful amazing incredible family!! Man I loved them before the mission so much but being on mission has made me realize how much more I love them. Its like a deeper love and its such a beautiful thing!!! Then after that we got some cards and taped them to a scripture about Christ with a candy on it. Cause a lot of people don't think we believe in Christ and don't celebrate christmas so we went and gave them out randomly and put some on random peoples doorsteps. It was really fun!!!  So christmas was just a fantastic amazing day!!!! 

The next day was a good day! I learned that we need to always follow the promptings of the spirit because you never know what will happen if you don't and sometimes I don't want to ever find out what would happen if I didn't follow the promptings of the spirit. Let me tell you all this now, NEVER ignore a prompting from the spirit!!! 

We had a lesson with this 90 year old man named Manuel. We taught him about the restoration of the gospel and he was actually way way more open then I was expecting. Because a lot of times older people are so stuck in their ways that its really hard to teach them. But he was great and he said everything just made sense to him. It was awesome! And we asked him to be baptized and he said, "We'll see" so thats a step. At least he didn't say no, ha ha. 

Well that was pretty much my week. It was really good and I am so grateful I got to spend Christmas with some awesome people and especially my super cool awesome companion, Hermana Halversen. I love her so much and am so grateful for her wonderful example and hard work. 

I wanted to thank you all whoever sent me packages or christmas cards. They mean more to me then you could realize. Thank you so so much!!!! I love you all and am grateful for each and every one of you. Don't forget to always "Choose The Right" ( in spanish its "Haz lo Justo") and remember your Heavenly Father loves you so so much!! Have an amazing week full of love and happiness!! :) :) :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daines 

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