Friday, January 31, 2014


 From Jan 6.

Good Morning Everyone!!!! 

Where do I even begin!! This week has been jammed pack full of miracles. Its been the most incredible week and probably my favorite week of the mission. It all started New Years Eve. We had a lesson first with someone named Alejandra. She is an old investigator. And the only reason she stopped learning is because she had to work so much. Well now she doesn't work so we are teaching her again. And she is AMAZING!! We taught her lesson one and then asked her to be baptized and she accepted. We are going to set a baptismal date with her this week. We are so excited and she really has a desire to follow Christ and she already knows how to recognize the spirit in her life, its so incredible. Then we went to contact a lady we had talked on the street a couple weeks before and she told us she was available right then for us to teach her. Her name is Marina. She also invited all of her kids and neighbors as well to come listen. It was super awesome. Her daughter Daphney and her daughters friend Jennifer are just golden. They are super awesome and really have a desire to learn. Jennifer had some really awesome questions. And Marina, the mom, hasn't really had religion in her life and has never read the Bible but she has such a desire to learn more and to follow Christ. Its super awesome!! And we found out at the end of the lesson that one of the neighbor boys who is 12, his name is Sergio, he raised his hand and said "Im actually a member I have that book already." And we were like are you serious. And he said yea I was baptized 2 years ago. We found out his last name and he was actually a less active family that we had been trying to find. It was SOOOOOO cool!!! So that super super legit!! :) Then we had a lesson with a part member family. She has actually been studying with the missionaries for like 11 years. So we really tried to get to know her this time and it was really fantastic!! So that was all New Years Eve. 

      Then Saturday was our other miracle day!! We went to a lesson with a potential investigator, Laura. We went with a member and it was really spiritually uplifting and Laura is really receptive and open. She is super nice and we plan to meet with her again this week. Then the Relief Society President came and picked us up to be with us for like 5 hours to see people. And this is when the real miracles started. We went and we read in the Book of Mormon with Alejandra. And it was really great. She loves reading in it and she always feels the spirit when she reads it. It was super cool!! Then we went to a less actives house. The Hernandez family. They don't come to church because they work on sundays. Well Hermana Cruz, the relief society president, bore her testimony on church attendance and it was super super fuerte (strong). She told them they needed to find another job and to quit that one and that the Lord would help them. They were in tears by the end and it was soooo amazing. The spirit was sooo present and Hermana Cruz definitely went by the spirit on that one. So hopefully something changes and they can come to church. Then we went to Hugo's house. He is an investigator. We found him caroling actually. He is definitely a future Bishop no doubt about it. He lives in Hawaii though and was just visiting family here. But we are sending missionaries over to his house in Hawaii. He is super cool!! He said he is going to read the whole Book of Mormon. He is so LEGIT!! Then we went to see a referral we received from the Elders. Her name is Vanessa and she is AMAZING!!! She is from Peru. And her whole family are members of the church and her dad is a bishop in Peru. Her 12 year old daughter just got baptized in peru a few months ago. And she has a brother serving a mission in Mexico right now. And her family had actually been praying and fasting for her to find the missionaries. Then Vanessa saw the Elders. She was like oh they look like my brother in Mexico so she went to talk to them and thats how she was found. She is sooooo ready. She will totally be baptized waay waay soon. She has been sooo prepared and her families prayers were totally answered. We got to know her a little bit and set a return appointment. And that was our day Saturday. But it wasn't us at all. All this is happening because of the faith of the members. They are literally praying and fasting for missionary opportunities and for us to find people. Well everyone its totally totally working. We have met sooo many people this week that are so ready for the gospel. I have such a testimony of prayer and fasting. It works I can testify of that. 

I am so grateful to be out here and to be in Sarasota. It is about to explode out here and its the coolest thing in the world to be a part of. I love this gospel and I know with all my heart and soul that it is true!! Thank you all so much for your support and love!! You are all just so amazing!! Try to see the little miracles that happen in your life this week, because I can promise you they happen!! I love you and have an incredible week!! :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daines

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