Thursday, January 2, 2014


From Dec 9.

Hey Everyone!! :) 

Well transfer calls happened and guess what??? I am.......staying in bradenton again!! ha ha I think I will probably just stay here my whole mission ha ha. I have been here for 9 months now. I will probably follow my trainer Hermana Carson and stay in the same area for pretty much the whole mission. ha ha but its all good as long as I am helping people, I don't care where I am.  I love bradenton. Its wonderful and I can feel the work picking up. Remember how we have been trying to do an english class for months? Well this last week we had 15 students. The work is going to pick up and our goal for english class is to have 30 students by the end of the transfer. We are sooo excited. We love teaching english class so much. Its probably the highlight of my week every week. Its so much fun and it helps me with my spanish too. I am so blessed to be here and to serve where I am serving. Hermana Rodriguez finishes her mission and goes home Wednesday. I am staying companions with Hermana Halversen and I am sooooo excited. She is so much fun and such an incredible missionary. I am so grateful for the time that I had with Hermana Rodriguez. She is an outstanding missionary and has taught me soooo much. I have known her my whole mission and so its really weird to see her leaving home. But she has done an incredible job and I know the Lord is proud of her and her work. Hermana Halversen and I are really excited for this upcoming transfer and we are just going to blow it up out here. We are so stoked! :) 

We met a kid yesterday, his name is Aaron. He has been coming to church for a while with his girlfriend. They are like 16 or 17. They pulled us out of class to tell us that he wanted to learn more so he could be baptized. WOW!! What a miracle. I have never had anything like that happen. And we will be teaching him tonight. We are so excited! 

So we were biking a couple days ago and since it was Rodriguez's last week she saw the Tropicana factory and the trains that say Tropicana on them and they were out in the open they weren't gated at all and she wanted a picture next to them. Well as I am taking a picture of her this security guy drives up and says this is a federal offense. And I am thinking ah crap we are going to jail or we are getting a ticket. What is President going to think? But we told him we had no idea it was illegal which we didn't and then he said ok well you know now. Did you get the picture that you wanted? And we told him we did but then he said in his walkie-talkie we are all good they didn't know I have it covered. ha ha I wanted to laugh so hard but then I wanted to cry at the same time. It was really fun and adventurous. 

This past friday Hermana Halversen and I hit our 9 month mark!! WOOT WOOT!! So we went out to eat at olive garden for lunch. It was the funnest and yummiest. I have pics coming. 
So this past p-day we went to Anna Maria Island and its was gorgeous. We found this ice cream shop that had the best ice cream I have ever had and the building was super cool. I've got pics coming. We also ate some really hot chiles this past week to get on the cool level of some recent converts. Got a video of that but its too big to send so you will all have to wait till I get home for that one. Really funny but really really hot!!!! ha ha ha ha 

So its been a super fun last week of the transfer and we all have learned a lot together. I am so grateful to have served with Hermana Rodriguez and learned so much from her.  I am so grateful to be a missionary right now. The work is hastening, can't you all just feel it? Its absolutely incredible!! :) 

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of you. May you rely on God and may He bless your lives. I love you all!!! Keep holding on!! :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daine

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