Friday, April 4, 2014

A trying week but ended BEAUTIFUL!!!!

From March 31
Hey Everyone!! 

This week has definitely been a trying week. I got sick at the beginning of the week and was sick for a few days with the flu. It was not fun! It was just a super big struggle. We didn't have very many lessons and one day we spent the whole day pretty much driving everywhere but doing nothing. Those are the worst days I think, that and the ones where nobody wants to listen to you. It was a really rough week for us. Well Friday comes and we had our movie night planned. We had invited everyone to a movie night where we were going to play the movie, "The Testaments". We invited investigators, members, recent converts, people on the streets. EVERYONE! And we actually had an amazing turn out. The relief society room was really full, it was an amazing sight. We had past investigators show up. That was cool. And everyone loved the movie. Of course the end part with Jesus healing Jacobs father, everyone was crying. Ulises and Manuel were crying, and they told us they really loved it. I think Ulises put it perfectly,"Porque sentir como sus ojos lloran por algo hermoso como es el amor de Dios por todos." Which means pretty much that when we cry for something beautiful it is because we feel God's love for us all. And I love that. I think it is so true especially since I am a cry baby, it helped me realize that crying isn't a bad thing it just means that I am feeling God's love for me and for everyone around me. It was an awesome night that night! 

For the last 4 weeks I have wondered why the Lord sent me here to Sebring. It is a really hard area and I have been in pretty tough areas my whole mission. Up until yesterday I had had only one baptism in the last year. The last one I had was last April. It has been really really tough. Especially always thinking well maybe its me, maybe I am not doing enough. Because my first area was super slow, I go to Sarasota and there is so much potential you can feel it but nothing ever came. I come here and I wonder oh my gosh it is getting harder and harder as I go to different areas. I kept thinking why would the Lord send me here? Why can't I be one of those missionaries that has so many baptisms and gets sent to an area like Naples, which is like the land of milk and honey. The last 4 weeks I have been questioning why He put me here and why I have been in hard areas with zero success especially when I have been exactly obedient and working so hard. Its been really hard. Well yesterday I had my first baptism in almost a year. So this was only my second baptism my whole mission. I realized yesterday as Ulises was getting baptized that this was the best feeling in the whole world. Not having a baptism for so long and then finally after 11 months of hard hard work I finally get one baptism. It certainly made me appreciate it way more and love every minute of it. I still don't know exactly why I have been in hard slow areas my whole mission, I don't know why the Lord put me here but at the baptism yesterday I realized I have a purpose and it doesn't matter how many baptisms I have. It only matters that I know I am doing and have done all I can as a missionary. I have been exactly obedient. I have done all that is required of me and a lot of baptisms haven't come from it but I know that I am a stronger and more grateful missionary because of it. I know how to see the little miracles because sometimes thats all you have. This week was a giant struggle, getting sick for a few days with the flu and not having as many lessons, it was just a struggle of a week. Then yesterday happened and it was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever seen on my mission. And I am so grateful that I was able to teach Ulises and help prepare him for the step he made yesterday. I can't describe the joy I felt. :) :) :) We had a lesson with him later that day and we usually do them in the park. We pull up and he is sitting on a bench and literally he is seriously just glowing. He is so happy and just amazing! He is such an incredible example for me in my life. He is literally like a brother to me! He is awesome!! So yesterday made this week....No.. made this last year all worth it. It was hard but yesterday was the most BEAUTIFUL day of my whole mission!!! :) 

I love you all so much and thank you so much for all your support and love!! Remember to be the missionaries that God wants you to be. You don't have to be called and set apart to be a missionary. We are all in this together and we all must share the gospel and hasten the Lord's work!! I know without a doubt this is the Lord's work. I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that the gospel blesses families!!! :) So do all you can to share the gospel! Tomorrow never comes, the time is today!!! 

All My Love, Hermana Daines 

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