Friday, April 4, 2014

Another Amazing Week!! :)

From March 24
Hello All!!! 

This week was another incredible week. Let me first off say that sometimes you think nothing is going to happen and nothing comes and even in the moments you are doing things you don't think anything is going anywhere....then you look at your numbers at the end of the week and you realize you have found 8 new invsetigators this week. It was soooooo cool!! I didn't even realize that we had found that many people this week until I looked at our numbers. It was incredible!! And it was such a blessing from heaven. I know this area is going to explode. It has already started. I know that if you have a vision of where you want the area to go and you are obedient and you are diligent and have faith in God, an area can change around from being a slow area to an exploding area. Its starting here and its a beautiful thing. This transfer we will have two baptisms. One next Sunday and then another one two weeks after that. We are being blessed for our obedience that is for sure!! 

We were invited by President to go to dinner with him and all the other sisters in the zone. It was going to be in Sarasota so I got to go back there for a little while, It was beautiful there!! So President took us out to Leroy Selmons. It was delicious!! But my favorite part was that I got to see Sister Halversen, Sister Kenagy, and Sister Ochsenbein. That was the highlight of that day. I really needed that. It was so awesome!! :) They are just such incredible missionaries and I love them so much! They have made a huge impact on my mission and on my life!! :) 

Ulises is doing amazing, he had his baptismal interview yesterday and its was AWESOME!! We are so excited for him. He has changed so much in such a short amount of time and he is just so much happier. I will probably cry at his baptism, ha ha. But really!! One of our investigators he is doing amazing as well. He had a really hard day yesterday just having some problems with his girlfriend. He ended up giving us the flowers he was going to give her because he didn't want them anymore. So we gladly took them off his hands. And we had a really amazing lesson with him where the spirit was the strongest its been with him and it was just a powerful lesson. It was really cool!! 

Well sorry everyone this email is really short but just know that the gospel is true and literally the secret of the universe is--- to be truly happy we must LIVE THE GOSPEL!!! I love you all and grateful for all of you!! I hope you have an amazing week and know that GOD LOVES YOU!!!! 

All My Love, Hermana Daines 

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