Friday, April 4, 2014

A week full of Miracles!!! :)

From March 17
Hello Good Morning Everyone!!! :) 
      Today is a beautiful day to be alive isn't it!! :) This week has been AMAZING!!! Way better then my first week. We have seen miracles this week and its been a beautiful thing to see!!! :) One in particular that happened is we were actually on exchanges so I didn't actually get to meet this guy but his name is Juan. And Sister Brough and Sister Westberg were walking and they heard this biker come up behind them so they turned around and Sister Brough started speaking to him in spanish. And he said oh good you speak spanish. I saw you two and the way you were dressed and knew you were Christians and had to come talk to you because I want to learn more. It is absolutely incredible to see that when people really want to know more they come up to us. We have an appointment tonight and he is so awesome. He has actually been a Seventh Day Adventist preacher for 20 years but really wants to learn more. We are excited! :) 
       One other story was yesterday. We had a potential investigator named Pedro. He seemed interested the first time we met with him because we asked him how he would feel if Christ's same church that He had on the earth was again on the earth today and he said that would be really interesting and then we set a return appointment with him to talk with him more about it. By the way I love leaving people with wanting more its been really cool to see that they just want to see you more when we do that. Anyway so our appointment was last night. Here at the church, and we actually decided to do a church tour and teach lesson one with the paintings that were here on the walls at the church. At the beginning he seemed a little weird just a little flirty maybe anyway we got to the picture of Joseph Smith's first vision and I did the first vision and he completely changed. It was incredible to see how the 1st vision just changes people. We asked him how he felt afterwards and he said he feels curious and wants to know more. We gave him the rest of the church tour and he really liked it, especially the chapel. He couldn't put his finger on what he was feeling and we said Peace and he said exactly. Its really nice and reverent. It was just an incredible experience for me to see him change and want more. He is amazing and we can see that he really wants it. He said he has been searching for a good church that he likes and we invited him to church this sunday and he said he will come. We are super excited about both of these new investigators. And I know that miracles are happening in this area because we are being exactly obedient and its a wonderful thing to see!! :) 
       The first week here, I'm not going to lie I wasn't really happy to get transferred and to be in some small town that I didn't know. I missed Sarasota and just wanted to go back. But this last week was really amazing. We started to see miracles and have experiences with investigators that I wouldn't trade for the world. There is one investigator we have his name is Ulises and he is amazing. They met him right before I got here and I only missed the first lesson and then I came. I have felt a couple times in my mission when I meet someone that they were meant for me to find and teach. Well I came in and met Ulises and I know that he was meant for me. That I promised him in the pre-existance that I would come to him and give him this wonderful gospel. I know without a doubt there are people put in our path just for us. To help us and for us to help them. God's plan is beautiful and wonderful and perfect. I am so grateful to be serving here and get sent to this area to be able to teach Ulises. His baptism is also in just a couple weeks. Its on the 30th of this month and we are so stoked. We are actually running out of things to teach him, he's progressing so fast. Its....AH...the best feeling in the entire world!! 
     I have grown so much in this last week it has been mind blowing. I didn't necessarily realize it when it was happening but as I look back on it I learned so much and am so grateful to be a missionary. This is the best work anyone of us could be doing, The Lord's Work. And I know that the only way this work can truly hasten is with the help of the members. I have seen it when members get involved that the work explodes. Don't be afraid to open your mouths, don't let your brothers and sisters fall because you didn't open your mouth. This gospel is GOOD NEWS and we need to share it. I know without a doubt this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, That this is HIS church and HIS gospel. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ and because of a question and a prayer we are able to have the restored gospel on the earth. I love being a missionary, I love teaching people and see them make changes in their lives to become better people. I know Christ lives and that He loves us so much! This is the most amazing thing in the whole world and the best knowledge anyone could ever bring. 
      Thank you all so much for your love and support. You are all amazing!! :) Have an amazing week!! Make sure to see the Hand of God in your lives! Because He is there!! :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daines 

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