Friday, April 4, 2014

First week in my new area

From March 10
Hey Everybody!! 

Well this week was definitely the longest week ever. I got to my new area on Tuesday. We cover a pretty big area, 3 cities actually. Sebring, Avon Park, and Lake Placid. And they are all small towns. Its really weird to go from Sarasota which is pretty big, to here where its all just these small towns in the middle of nowhere land, ha ha. This week has been a trying week. I have felt like I am back in transfer one of my mission where I don't know anything. I don't know the area, the people, the branch, its just been super overwhelming. But I am excited to be here and our goal is to make this area explode. My new companion is sooooo awesome. She is such a big sweetheart and has so much patience for me. Her name is Sister Brough. She has only been out almost 6 months. She is so awesome and we are going to kill it out here for sure!! 

There are two amazing investigators that we have here. The first is Ulises. He is the coolest person ever!! He was so prepared and he just soaks everything up like a sponge. He has a huge desire to follow Jesus Christ. He said he hasn't been interested in other church because he just doesn't feel comfortable around them and doesn't trust them but he loves our church. He started reading the Book of Mormon about a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks and he just finished Jacob. Isn't that incredible? He has a baptismal date for April 6 but we are going to try to push that up a week because that is the day of General Conference. He is just golden and he has had a really hard life but he has really turned to God for help and guidance. He is amazing! I love him so much. I just love the people that have the desire to just do things and follow Christ. The ones where we don't have to keep nagging them to read or to come to church. The ones that just do those things on their own. Its just wonderful to see. And that is who we look for, the elect!! We have one other investigator who is awesome. His name is Manuel. He is super cool too. He came up to the sisters in Walgreens and asked if they were the sister missionaries. And told them that his girlfriend is mormon and he really wants to learn more. He also just soaks things up like a sponge and he also has the same baptismal date as Ulises but we are going to change that as well. But he wants to follow God and he just wants that happiness in his life. He is super awesome!!!!! So yes there are great things happening here. I just feel like I am the greenie all over again, ha ha. 

Well one thing I really learned this week is to cherish every moment because you never know what is going to happen. Sometimes a random challenge comes or something pops up that you never thought would happen to you. We are tried in this life so that we can learn and grow and sometimes growth is painful but it will be worth it. There is a quote that was said in the MTC it was, There is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone. We have to go through hard times so we can be better and when we get comfortable thats when change comes or hard times come. But we have to keep going and keeping praying and hoping and trusting in God that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I love this gospel!! I love being a missionary!! I am so grateful to be out here and the learn and progress and grow so that one day I can live with my Heavenly Father again. Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers! You are all just incredible!! Don't forget how much love God has for each one of you!! :) :) 

My new address is :
3210 Lakeview Drive Apt.#78
Sebring, FL 33870 

Have an amazing week!!! 

All My Love, Hermana Daines 

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