From Feb 24
Hey Everyone,

Well this week has been full of adventure I guess ha ha. Monday was a pretty good day. We went to a less actives house, Fabiola, with a member. And it was amazing!!!! She doesn't even have an excuse for not coming to church, she just chooses not to come. She has a car and she wants to come but she just doesn't. Well we had an incredible lesson with her and she broke down and the member there was incredible and really was just her friend right then. It was really cool and so we were praying so hard that she would come to church on Sunday and then.....she didn't. So we went to go see what happened and she wasn't home. So we are going to keep trying to visit her until she realizes that we love her and we want her to have the blessings that come when she goes to church and for her to recognize that blessings do come, we just have to be obedient. 

Tuesday was interesting. We did a lot of street contacting and then we went to our english class. We were super worried no one was going to show up because it was 7 and nobody was there. Well 5 minutes later the first counselor comes over to us with this lady, saying she wants to learn english. And I was thinking...umm...ok..... because this lady was full on chinese and knew zero spanish. And it turns out she is actually renting out a room for a less active member that we visit and he told her about the english class. So this chinese lady is there wanting to learn english. Ha ha it was really......interesting trying to teach her ha ha cause we didn't know her language. But it turned out to be really good. And then a hispanic showed up and so we kind of taught 2 seperate classes. And one thing I learned that night is that I am very grateful I did not get sent somewhere to speak chinese. That spanish is perfect for me and that I should not be complaining about learning it because there are way harder languages in this world, such as chinese. ha ha 

The rest of this week has been just as interesting. We don't have very many investigators right now. So we have been trying to find except we still can't tract so its a little difficult. So for about 2 days straight we got on our bikes and contacted people in the street and just tried so hard to find people to teach. And we didn't find "new investigator" but we did find a few potentials. So thats good and even though we didn't have complete "success" it was super super fun. It was really nice not having to worry about where we needed to be or who was next or set appointments at all. It literally didn't matter what street we turned down or if we didn't know where we were exactly. It was soooooo fun and it was such a good experience. It was honestly less stressful!! And we will probably be doing the same thing in the week to come. It is the last week of the transfer and so we are going to try really really hard to make it the best week ever and really find investigators. 

Transfer calls are Saturday and I am a little bit nervous. I feel like I am getting transferred, but I don't know for sure, we never know exactly what will happen until it happens but I almost have this feeling that my work in Sarasota is done and it might be me just being crazy but I have this feeling that I am getting transferred. But again I'm probably just crazy!! ha ha :) One dream though I have is to get transferred down to Naples because Naples is like the land of milk and honey. Its just always booming and its literally every spanish sisters dream to get sent down there. My MTC companion Hermana Lewis is down there right now and I could totally get sent down there to be with her, that would be cool. Anyway just some transfer dreams and predictions, ha ha. None of that will probably happen but I still have the dream of going down there. 

One major thing I learned this week is that I have a serious pride problem, ha ha ha. For real though! When you go on a mission your weaknesses are literally put on full blast and this week thats the one that was put on full blast the most. I realized that even over little things that don't really matter I have a pride problem with. And then me having that pride turns into anger. So I read a talk called " Slow to Anger" And it was incredible! I really needed to read that and it helped me realize I need to just let things go. I also read a talk called "Come what may, and love it" and that was perfect too. It talked about how we need to laugh about things instead of getting mad or angry about them. Things are going to happen but if we laugh about them instead of arguing or getting mad it is so much better and you will just be happier because of it. I have such amazing companions that have so much patience with me. I know I am not perfect and have many problems but they just love me anyway, pride and all, ha ha. I am really grateful for them and I am especially grateful for the Atonement, for if we didn't have the atonement you and I wouldn't be able to repent or be forgiven or improve our lives. I am so grateful for that wonderful chance to always become better and really turn to Christ for help because we can't change without Him and so we must rely on Him. So goal of this week is "let things go"!!!!! :) And with Christ it is possible!!! :) 

I hope you all have an amazing week and may you laugh more instead of choosing anger or frustration. Its just a better way to live!! :) :) 

All My Love, Hermana Daines